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Dodged a Bullet

Never get hit by the sniper while escaping captivity.

Dodged a Bullet+3.0
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---Mission 11: Captive---

- Once you get outside you will enter an area with a rooftop sniper which you can see by the muzzle flash and red laser sight

- You CAN'T get hit by him, however getting shot my other enemies is fine.

- I chose to run/fight my way up the right side of the area...once I got the the end of the Yellow Bridge I cooked a grenade and threw it near the sniper on the roof taking him out easily. Alternatively you can continue a little bit forward and kill the sniper once you enter the warehouse if you prefer to do it that way.

+ With every miscellaneous Achievement use "Reload Checkpoint" to your advantage, also difficulty won't void any of these so you can do them all on Recruit

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