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Collect all Street Art

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10 Nov 2019 10 Nov 2019 10 Nov 2019
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There’s a total of 130 street arts to collect. They are available after reaching REP level 5 and appear on the map whenever you drive close by one. To find out how many you have collected, you can either check the district summaries on the map or the collectibles stats in the menu.

I have created an interactive map that includes all street arts (and other points of interest):

All street arts are pretty straight forward to collect, so you shouldn’t have much troubles getting them.

There aren’t really any restrictions on cars that you should use to get them, but I’ve used the default Land Rover “Range Rover Sport SVR ‘15” which costs $107’000 and has good off-road qualities that are helpful when traversing the map in general.

If you want to get all collectibles at once, you should wait until REP level 13 in order to unlock all types of collectibles incl. billboards, street arts and flamingos.

I’ve taken screenshots for all collectibles that will be added to the map soon.