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Fashion Statement

Complete a Collections Badge.

Fashion Statement-0.1
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13 Nov 2019
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If you are having troubles unlocking this achievement (you did the badge and cheevo doesnt pop)

You have to do the next:
1) Start.
2) Go to settings.
3) Select log out and select switch profile.

It take 2 o 3 times, it took me 3 times i did the gambit badge and gambit seal at the same time and the seal pop first. Hope it can help if you are having trouble.
MiZ Dove OGThanks. This worked for me.
Posted by MiZ Dove OG on 16 Apr at 15:40
boondockistanSo this achievement is unavailable due to the way seasons work. Season must end before you can get bange
Posted by boondockistan on 30 May at 16:34
MisterSledgeFor me, I had completed only 5/10 within Season of the Undying, but the achievement just popped after loading up the new Season 11 (started yesterday). YMMV
Posted by MisterSledge on 10 Jun at 16:43
A Dreadful ShotWorked for me, appreciate it.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 17 Jul at 22:27
Blisle83Worked for me 7/31/20
Posted by Blisle83 on 31 Jul at 22:55