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Fine don't listen to me

You have not stepped into the redzone three times in Chapter 5

Fine don't listen to me0
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14 Nov 2019
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Simply walk into the red light it will respawn you and do it over and over
skittlebizThanks. That was easy - popped on my third respawn
Posted by skittlebiz on 19 Dec 20 at 19:28
skittlebizI dunno how you can complete this level without popping this. Those red zone are fast.
Posted by skittlebiz on 19 Dec 20 at 19:38
zv Kronøs vzBruh, I thought I had to complete Ch.5 without getting caught three times. Forgot to ignore "not" in the acheivement
Posted by zv Kronøs vz on 17 Jan at 01:03