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You have not completed Chapter 6

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14 Nov 2019
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Walk downstairs and head towards the heart the turn around and walk towards the big guy. On the left and right are valves the left one controls the one in the bottom left the right valve controls the one at the bottom right. You will see two valves at the bottom where you went to the heart but outside the doors the bottom left controls the top left and the other controls the top right. Simply turn the valve on the one the guy appears at do this a couple times this should unlock the door to the heart. Enter and you’ve completed ❤️
Posted by cooper101183 on 19 May 20 at 23:21
SirPencilvester"Simply do this a couple times", he says. 40 minutes later and this fella is still at point zero.
Your Intel is shite, buddy...
Posted by SirPencilvester on 29 Oct 20 at 04:59
suiteSo everyone else could do this other than you! Okay pal!
Posted by suite on 29 Oct 20 at 11:13