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Fine don't listen to me

You have not stepped into the redzone three times in Chapter 5

Fine don't listen to me0
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14 Nov 2019
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This Level has a Missable Achievement for getting caught by the Alarm 3 times. Simply walk into the red area 3 times to unlock this one.
🏆Cheevo Unlocked🏆

Other than that,
-Avoid the Red Lights Now
-Grab the Battery in the Middle Drawer under the TV
-Grab the other battery from Under the Sink
-Now interact with the tv remote on the table to put in the batteries and change the channel
-The Password will appear on the TV. It is 0834
-Type this into the security system by the back door
-Once you type the Pin. Exit through the back door
🏆Cheevo Unlocked🏆
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