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Scum and Villainy

Defeat each type of Bounty Hunter

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30/11/19: possible for your save to be bugged and no bounty hunters spawn, there is a fix in the works according to one of the comments so you can either wait for the fix, or start a new save file (proven workaround in the comments)

There are three types of Bounty Hunter.

Haxion Brood Bounty Hunter
Haxion Brood Bounty Droid
Haxion Brood Commando

they spawn at random (sometimes in mixed/un-mixed pairs), and in seemingly random locations (seem to respawn upon return to planet).

on Kashyyyk they spawn in several of the rooms in the Imperial Refinery, and the Shadowlands.

on Bogano they seem to spawn in the Hermit's Abode.

on Dathomir they can spawn in front of the Temple, in the Temple and at the Meditation Point just prior to the Temple.

on Zeffo they can spawn at Broken Wing (mythical creature room), a bunch of areas in the Venator Wreckage, the Warehouse at the Landing Zone, and the Village.

These are just locations of the top of my head, there are probably more.

thanks Tenreth for pointing some stuff out.
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Tenreth Spawns are random. If you are killed during a fight they'll leave but your exp remains in place.
Posted by Tenreth on 17 Nov 19 at 01:09
HeadShotGoneBad According to the in-game Tactical Guide, I already defeated the Haxion Brood Bounty Droid during Chapter 4, so whatever I fought on Bogano in the Hermit's Abode either wasn't a Bounty Droid or you can fight these things multiple times. It ended up killing me, so I don't know how to get them to respawn.
Posted by HeadShotGoneBad on 17 Nov 19 at 10:59
Tropoebus Any tips on spawning bounty hunters? The only thing left for me are 2 achievs for killing and scanning them. I've only seen one and was story related. After 12 hours only moping up achievs on multiple planets and still none showed up.
Posted by Tropoebus on 18 Nov 19 at 03:40
JETLI333 All three were random fun encounters while exploring and playing the game. Back tracking at times to other planets fir collectables. Thanks
Posted by JETLI333 on 19 Nov 19 at 03:27
El Luigi 4+ hours exploring planets over and over in every single spawn point and no encounters, I am certain it's bugged, I have now 100% on every planet and I kept revisiting the spawns to no luck, I am not wasting more time, RNG or a bug no doubt, it's quite annoying.
Posted by El Luigi on 19 Nov 19 at 04:37
Tropoebus started a new game to test if my other save was bugged, played it until got captured and released the bounty hunter encounters. As soon as I escaped, I went to Zeffo and found 3 on the first try. I went to Bogano and back to Zeffo and found hunters several times. I loaded my bugged save and tested it to see if it would appear on it too, and nothing.
In conclusion, if no bounty hunter appeared in your game, it bugged and you should start a new game.
Posted by Tropoebus on 19 Nov 19 at 22:46
exactor it I just had a set spawn on ilum just past the main entrance at the start.
Posted by exactor it on 20 Nov 19 at 19:20
The SCHWARTZ 00 Luckily I had a bounty hunter droid spawn at the Hermit's Abode just now while backtracking for collectibles. I was terrified this would glitch out on me. Just need the commando now.
Posted by The SCHWARTZ 00 on 20 Nov 19 at 21:42
GlitterLicks I'm not having any luck getting these to spawn outside of the first one you encounter during the story. I really hate it when they tie achievements to random events that are based off of RNG.

Anyone having any luck since the patch?
Posted by GlitterLicks on 21 Nov 19 at 18:07
Visions of Gore Tropoebus is spot on. toast It must have something to do with going to Kashyyk to continue the story. My first playthrough, I NEVER saw another bounty hunter, but I went on to Kashyyk after the abduction. Second playthrough I went to Zeffo immediately after and they spawned no problem. They continued to spawn everywhere for the rest of the story.
Posted by Visions of Gore on 28 Nov 19 at 23:40
Delta748 Some news for bugged saves: Respawn has submitted a fix that should work for existing saves. Hopefully we can expect it in the next patch.
Posted by Delta748 on 29 Nov 19 at 08:29
ReAl ImPuLsE Any idea when next patch will fix it?
Posted by ReAl ImPuLsE on 06 Dec 19 at 21:28
HunterCH Killed and scaned all 3, no achievement...
Posted by HunterCH on 11 Dec 19 at 23:57
HunterCH Never mind, unlocked this morning when i booted up the game.
Posted by HunterCH on 12 Dec 19 at 08:34
XxHITM47NxX the new update today fixed the bugclap
Posted by XxHITM47NxX on 11 Mar at 00:02