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Scum and Villainy

Defeat each type of Bounty Hunter

Scum and Villainy-1.5
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14 Dec 2019 23 Nov 2019
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The guide provided by Infinity Gore is accurate, however there is a glitch with the Bounty Hunters. If you don't start seeing them pop up around the mid point of the game, after you get kidnapped for the arena, then you have the glitch. They spawn on a 30 min cycle, so if you go around to 2-4 of the spawn locations and not see them then you 100% have the glitch. So far the only work around is to restart your game and play through it again until you get it, however that isn't even a guarantee that this will work. At the moment, we are waiting for a patch for it. Just like the old days of Skyrim.
GlitterLicks I have 100% have the glitch. Bummer. Thanks for the heads-up.
Posted by GlitterLicks on 26 Nov 19 at 20:13
Visions of Gore This glitch is pretty much the only negative thing I've encountered in this game. At least it's an awesome game, so replaying it ain't bad.headspin
Posted by Visions of Gore on 27 Nov 19 at 01:18