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Collect all chests and secrets

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24 Nov 2019
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*MAJOR GLITCH- There can be a situation where you will open a chest but it wont register happed to a lot of people but mainly ice caves on Zeffo*
Use the Map to figure out where you need to be looking for chests and secrets in each sub-area for all of the Planets. a lot you will find as you go along but some are tricky and involve some timing with skills

using this guide you should find what you need:
British LegendsYep, this has happened to me. A chest has been opened but it hasn’t counted warning
Posted by British Legends on 01 Dec 19 at 19:04
MyAngryPandaAnother common place for this is the Shattered Lake on Ilum.
There is a forum on discussing this and a rep from EA has mentioned this is a know issue and will be rectified in the next patch (Post #34).
Posted by MyAngryPanda on 02 Dec 19 at 03:31
bbsteviebI'm missing 2 chests and 3 secrets due to this bug. Apparantely it always occurs when the holomap is not available. As soon as you notice this, quit and restart the game, as long as BD1 is able to bring up the map you should be fine and collectibles should register.
Waiting for that damned patch...
Posted by bbstevieb on 05 Dec 19 at 08:04
Puelsay19I can confirm that with the update on 12/11/2019, if you travel back to an area where you have already picked up an item that did not count, then it will count. The game was not counting a secret I had found on Zeffo, but as soon as I traveled back to the exact area the achievement unlocked.
Posted by Puelsay19 on 12 Dec 19 at 02:05
Chronic KillerWas collecting everything, figured it was patched, I had 1 secret and 3 chests left, low and behold, the last secret in venator is glitched for me, how is this not patched yet?
Posted by Chronic Killer on 28 Feb 20 at 23:12
Xero ZerkAll of my chests, secrets, databanks show completed but the Collector has not triggered. Also, all of my maps show explored but the Galaxy Far, Far Away has not triggered either.
Posted by Xero Zerk on 15 Mar 20 at 23:10
BaradurHad mine pop as soon as I opened the final chest.
Posted by Baradur on 24 Mar 20 at 17:30
x L 3 3 S YI’ve got 100% on every planet but no achievement?
Posted by x L 3 3 S Y on 17 Apr 20 at 19:17
Sneaky G WizardI completed the game, so I am to do this in continue adventure or New Game +
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 03 Aug 20 at 20:26
LIAM SLANEY86I'd say just carry on get after beat game makes sence me wen u got all unlock abilities new , and just look round I found loafs n only on second planet so far , so echoes are collect I take it
Posted by LIAM SLANEY86 on 14 Nov 20 at 14:21
Skinfasst@ LIAM SLANEY86 mate, do you think you could tidy up your writing a bit? I mean, it doesn't have to be perfect English but it's impossible to tell what you are talking about. Where did you find bread and what does it have to do with the achievement? laugh
Posted by Skinfasst on 17 Nov 20 at 09:07
Posted by EmpHelm on 20 Nov 20 at 10:26
Posted by ExposingSean on 21 Nov 20 at 04:11
OnexWingxAngelxIs this glitch still a problem in Dec 2020?
Posted by OnexWingxAngelx on 22 Dec 20 at 18:42
JETLI333Is this still an issue not unlocking as we approach 3 days to 2021?
Posted by JETLI333 on 28 Dec 20 at 13:50
SidTheSlothhThis game sucks ass. i spent an hour running through a video and the game glitched on my so I quit it..didn't save my progress and lost it all on zeffo. Screw this glitchy piece of crap
Posted by SidTheSlothh on 14 Jan at 03:03
Sneaky G WizardSidTheSlothh - have you tried crying about it? I heard sometimes that helps
Posted by Sneaky G Wizard on 14 Jan at 08:30
MXEBare you sure this is still glitched?
Posted by MXEB on 14 Jan at 13:09
Paul Laserbeam@Sneaky, lmao
Posted by Paul Laserbeam on 16 Jan at 15:17