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The Humble Beginnings of Wiljax Brantley

Halo: Reach: Now that's a value meal.

The Humble Beginnings of Wiljax Brantley0
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27 Nov 2019 30 Nov 2019
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Load of the level Exodus on Easy difficulty. Play through until you first encounter the Brutes. In this area, you should see a "World Cuisine" kiosk up a staircase, near the first Brute. Head over to this once it is safe to do so. On this kiosk, find the advertisement for Moa Burgers, which cost 7.77cR. Looking at this ad for a second should unlock the achievement (you may have to zoom in on it).

Here's the ad:
External image

Here's the kiosk location:
External image

For reference, Wiljax Brantley is a character in Halo lore who opened a restaurant called Have S'Moa, which sold moa.
UltimateHero128Great. Now I'm hungry.
Posted by UltimateHero128 on 03 Dec 19 at 02:12
The MC 77This wouldn't pop until I viewed it while zoomed in with the magnum (had swapped it previously - went back, got it and viewed sign again, popped instantly).
Posted by The MC 77 on 10 Dec 19 at 11:50
Pluto70I have stared at this and zoomed in. Nothing.
Posted by Pluto70 on 27 Dec 19 at 22:19
Bastian ReaderIs not popping for me
Posted by Bastian Reader on 03 Jan 20 at 01:19
LCDS NitoThis is really buggy, did it a hundred times and no chievo. Very annoying. Someone has the same problem ?
Posted by LCDS Nito on 05 Jan 20 at 12:40
Kanchanaburiyup. there are several achievements on reach that aren't working properly for.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 30 Jan 20 at 04:09
thatNoseyParkerStill broken for me but my friend got it in the same game ugh
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 18 Feb 20 at 04:01
Smoky BrennethFor any achievements that aren't unlocking, delete your LOCAL SAVE ONLY, then cancel the sync at startup. Go grab the achievement 👍

Just as a side note, a few of the achievements in this pack (particularly the 'look at this' kind, as above) took maybe a minute or more of staring at the object to unlock
Posted by Smoky Brenneth on 18 Feb 20 at 17:18
thatNoseyParkerYeah it’s not that it’s slow, I’ve got it for friends online and for my alt in coop, prettt responsive pop for all of them.

Just tried the local deletion, nothing as I did it, but then I deleted the “new” local data and reloaded to get my old data back from the cloud - as soon as it started syncing the achievement popped!
Now to try the same thing with the “Tank Beats Everything” achievement I guess
Posted by thatNoseyParker on 20 Feb 20 at 03:28
NewbieKenobiSpot on, thx. Popped right away as I ran up to it and stared on the ad for about 3-4 seconds.
Posted by NewbieKenobi on 03 Aug 20 at 23:07