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Relic Hoarder

Collect all Relics on the map in the fifth Suryavarman mission.

Relic Hoarder-2.8
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Anno MundiAnno Mundi499,271
02 Dec 2019 29 Jan 2020
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The name of this mission is Nirvanapada

There are 9 relics in total which count towards the achievement. There's an additional relic stuck in a rock behind the Yellow base, this doesn't count towards the achievement so ignore this one.

I believe all relics need to be stored in your monasteries at once. To do this, you need to select a monk, then right click on the relic, the monk will pick the relic up, with the monk still selected you then need to right click on one of your monasteries to store the relic.

Left clicking on a monastery will show you how many relics are stored within it. I'm not sure whether all relics needed to be stored in the same monastery, but I did so just to be safe.

- 4 of them are in your bases to start with. 2 in each base. Just pick them up and store them in your monastery

- 1 or 2 are sat by themselves near the middle of the map depending on how quick you can get to them. If you are quick, you may be able to snag these before the blue Monks take them back to their monasteries, but if not don't fret...

- 2 of them are held up in the Blue monasteries to the very very left of the map, depending on how quickly you got to the ones above. You have to destroy the monasteries for them to drop onto the ground

- 1 is sat on a tiny island on the very very east corner of the map. You'll need a transport ship for this

The achievement didn't unlock in game for me, I had to finish the match by completing the success criteria after collecting the relics and then go back to the main menu and select Multiplayer, within 15-20 seconds it unlocked in the multiplayer lobby.

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线性代数A relic is on the top east corner island.
Posted by 线性代数 on 04 Dec 19 at 04:30
Anno MundiOh yes you're right! Added!
Posted by Anno Mundi on 04 Dec 19 at 06:42
jrod39Top-notch solution, Anno Mundi! :) Just to add to this--the achievement popped in game for me moments ago (Sun 5 Jan 2020). I'm running update 34055.
Posted by jrod39 on 05 Jan at 21:12
Anno MundiGlad it helped! smile
Posted by Anno Mundi on 05 Jan at 21:35
HolyHalfDeadAchievements only unlock when you are connected to the servers. Selecting Multiplayer is one way to re-connect you to the servers if you drop your connection. As long as you are connected this achievement will unlock as soon as the 9th Relic has been put in your monastery.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 22 Jan at 02:59
Anno MundiThanks for the info! And thanks to the one person who dropped a negative vote and didn't say why!
Posted by Anno Mundi on 29 Jan at 17:57
bvrgvndyGreat Guide!
Posted by bvrgvndy on 04 Mar at 04:15
bvrgvndyGreat Guide!
Posted by bvrgvndy on 04 Mar at 04:23