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New Ways to Save a Quid

Halo: Reach: Hear a familiar voice on New Alexandria.

New Ways to Save a Quid0
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03 Dec 2019
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The Voice you're looking to hear is Gunnery Sergeant Edward "Buck", known for his role in Halo 3: ODST. He'll appear randomly during one of the objectives in New Alexandria. Specifically, during the "in-between" missions, separate from the actual 3 Main Objectives of the level. If you don't hear him when playing, try Restarting the Mission, and he should appear at some point.
Noodles JrFor those who don't know the way this level works, the order in the level goes: Main Objective -> Side Objective -> Main Objective -> Side Objective -> Main Objective -> ONI Base. The three main objectives are always the same, but are in random order. ONI is always last. The side objectives in New Alexandria are completely randomized. There are 12 side objectives and any time you play it, you will be given 2 random ones. 3 of them are Buck escort missions, so there's a 1 in 2 chance of getting a Buck mission. Shouldn't take more than a few playthroughs to get this achievement.
Posted by Noodles Jr on 03 Dec 19 at 07:56
YennessyOR to make this a whole lot easier than restarting the mission over and over again...I literally just tried this, so you want to complete the first main objective and then once you exit whatever building you were in (the hospital or the other building) you'll hit a can literally just stand there and listen to the next (side) objective and if it's not the buck dialogue then you can simply just "revert" checkpoint and you'll get hit with a different side objective this time! so keep reverting until you hear buck!
Posted by Yennessy on 21 Dec 19 at 22:20
UltimateHero128Oh nice. I always thought the next mission was set once it started. Good to know.
Posted by UltimateHero128 on 21 Dec 19 at 23:43
metallicafan459I just tried restarting checkpoint and every time it was Foxtrot 1 on the financial tower :(
Posted by metallicafan459 on 27 Dec 19 at 09:29
I just tried restarting checkpoint and every time it was Foxtrot 1 on the financial tower :(
If you are having this issue it's because you got a checkpoint after it loads the mission. When you step out of the building you'll get a checkpoint, then it will load. That load is the mission. Sometimes you will get another checkpoint after it loads but before they start talking for the side objective. If that happens you'll have to restart the mission to try and cheese it that way.
Posted by Bighead253 on 16 Jan 20 at 20:02
Ste4Beer85Put The IWHBYD Skull On!!! 👍
Posted by Ste4Beer85 on 19 Jan 20 at 15:44
Pineapple TacoI've heard Buck, but I haven't gotten the achievement. I've done it on Xbox and PC. Can anyone advise?
Posted by Pineapple Taco on 24 Jun 20 at 01:48
SemelweisReflexI had the same issue as Pineapple Taco - having played this mission on PC and Xbox it never popped despite hearing Buck many times. The solution (same as for some other glitched achievements) is: delete your local save on the xbox; boot up the game and cancel the cloud sync. Replay the mission and watch the achievement pop, then immediately delete the local save while still in the game. Now close and reboot the game and let the cloud save sync up.
Posted by SemelweisReflex on 26 Jun 20 at 22:16
Pineapple TacoThanks for the advice Marathon3r, I'll give that a shot soon.
Posted by Pineapple Taco on 30 Jun 20 at 16:19
lSoNlDid it work with the deletion of the local save? I also have the same issue
Posted by lSoNl on 09 Jul 20 at 13:50
VauIt Boy 111After the first random main objective. You get a checkpoint when you exit the building get into the Falcon take off and if you hear anyone other than Buck reload the checkpoint. Work first time for me no deleting saves necessary
Posted by VauIt Boy 111 on 08 Jun 21 at 13:15
A BearAttack77As of December 2021. This is still glitched. Big thank you to SemelweisReflex. Your solution was the only thing that worked after many failed attempts.
Posted by A BearAttack77 on 30 Dec 21 at 02:23
ObsinyxHey all, thought I'd comment this here just in case for anyone. This achievement seems to still be a little bugged as of Jan. 10th, 2022. However, it still popped for me about 5 minutes after I finished the Buck side mission while going for the first button to activate the DJ Brute, instead of needing to do the local save way. Not sure if activating the button popped the achievement, but it popped right after I called for an emergency evac to get a new Falcon. Again, not sure if it was just delayed, or if either triggering the button or calling for an emergency evac triggered it, or if I was a one off case (I'm in the US so the achievement is called New Ways to Save a Buck for me) but this might be a way around having to do SemelweisReflex's method.
Posted by Obsinyx on 10 Jan at 06:46