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Halo: Reach: Find all Data Pads.

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This video shows the exact location of each Data Pad in the game, in order of missions.
(credits to WikiGameGuides for the video.)

I recommend watching the whole video, Each mission has 2 Data Pads, one obtainable on any difficulty and another obtainable only on Legendary difficulty.
Times for each Data Pad in the video:

Winter Contingency:
Data Pad 10: 00:00 Only Legendary difficulty
Data Pad 1 : 00:39 Any difficulty

Oni: Sword Base:
Data Pad 11: 01:15 Only Legendary difficulty
Data Pad 2 : 02:12 Any difficulty

Data Pad 3: 02:53 Any difficulty
Data Pad 12 : 03:02 Only Legendary difficulty

Tip of the Spear:
Data Pad 4: 04:12 Any difficulty
Data Pad 13 : 05:00 Only Legendary difficulty

Long Night of Solace:
Data Pad 5: 05:40 Any difficulty
Data Pad 14 : 05:56 Only Legendary difficulty

Data Pad 6: 06:27 Any difficulty
Data Pad 15 : 07:04 Only Legendary difficulty

New Alexandria:
Data Pad 16: 07:55 Only Legendary difficulty
Data Pad 7 : 08:30 Any difficulty

The Package:
Data Pad 8: 09:13 Any difficulty
Data Pad 17 : 09:35 Only Legendary difficulty

The Pillar of Autunumn:
Data Pad 18: 10:22 Only Legendary difficulty
Data Pad 9 : 10:43 Any difficulty

Lone Wolf:
Data Pad 19: 11:04 Only Legendary difficulty

GhostWrexThank you so much for getting this up so fast! I didn't want to have to replay legendary if I didn't have to
Posted by GhostWrex on 04 Dec 19 at 06:11
TBS NikolaiCan you get the data pad and save and quit or do you need to finish the level?
Posted by TBS Nikolai on 11 Apr 20 at 03:08
JonnyBlazin5You don’t need to finish the level.

Only thing I would add- it would be useful to know if it was possible to start at certain checkpoints rather than playing from the start of the level.
Posted by JonnyBlazin5 on 22 Jun 20 at 22:27