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Because It Wasn't Hard Enough

Halo: Reach: Complete a Legendary campaign mission with 3 or more skulls enabled (Scoring Only).

Because It Wasn't Hard Enough0
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Segendary TySegendary Ty664,643
03 Dec 2019
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You can set any 3 scoring skulls and get this on the first mission Noble Actual.

However this 'mission' is just a skipable cutscene so you can pop this achievement right away
MathGuy42Using the LASO playlist didn't work for me. I had to start Noble Actual through the Missions menu.
Posted by MathGuy42 on 04 Dec 19 at 21:30
TheDonSimeoni@MathGuy42, this looks to be because the non-scoring skulls (Cowbell / Grunt B-Day Party / IWHBYD) disable it, all of which are turned on while playing LASO.
Posted by TheDonSimeoni on 26 Aug 20 at 17:11