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Because It Wasn't Hard Enough

Halo: Reach: Complete a Legendary campaign mission with 3 or more skulls enabled (Scoring Only).

Because It Wasn't Hard Enough0
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Jetfire SixJetfire Six754,140
03 Dec 2019
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You can pop this without actually having to play a full mission, thankfully. Both the opening cutscene Noble Actual and the Epilogue count as full missions, so "loading them up" on Legendary difficulty with three of the scoring skulls on will make this a gimme.
DarkWingSpartanJust so people are aware, this achievement appears to be bugged (or at least work differently) on the PC version. I did this process with Noble Actual, the Epilogue, and even Lone Wolf (I haven't attempted it with any "real" missions yet because I'm scared) and it didn't work on any of them.
Posted by DarkWingSpartan on 09 Dec 19 at 14:20
QuinnGTL@DarkWingSpartan its bugged for me on PC and on xbox. I have tried all 3 you have on both and am attempting a "real" mission now.

I did the mission "nightfall" with 3 scoring skulls and got nothing. :') it's a glitched achievement.
Posted by QuinnGTL on 09 Dec 19 at 22:37
skav00vieMake sure you have the 3 non-scoring skulls turned off. Having any of these turned on seem to void the achievement requirements.
Posted by skav00vie on 10 Dec 19 at 03:06
DarkWingSpartanI've since tried this several times in other missions (including a couple in the LASO playlist where you can't use the non-scoring skulls) with no luck.
Posted by DarkWingSpartan on 10 Dec 19 at 14:37
Tozi TiberiusCan confirm this works. Turn on the first three scoring skulls and turn OFF every non-scoring skull. Popped as soon as I skipped the opening cut scene.
Posted by Tozi Tiberius on 13 Dec 19 at 03:23
PhillyCh3zSt3akSo I did this with turning the first three scoring skulls on, but also turned on scoring before starting the game. Did this while on PC, definitely works.
Posted by PhillyCh3zSt3ak on 13 Dec 19 at 05:12
C64 MatYep - make sure the scoring HUD is ON, and don't activate any of the three non scoring skulls (Cowbell, Grunts Birthday Party and IWHBYD)
Posted by C64 Mat on 15 Dec 19 at 17:03
AradorQuick and easy
Posted by Arador on 20 Dec 19 at 11:32
IlindurNot working for me, tried with noble actual and lonewolf.
Posted by Ilindur on 23 Dec 19 at 12:44
FroZeNSouLI can confirm it still works.
Just did on "Noble Actual" > Score > Legendary > I put 9 skulls on, except for Blind & 3 non-scoring skulls on the right. (When i put them on before it didnt work) started and skipped cutscene. Moment later got the achievement.
Posted by FroZeNSouL on 20 Feb 20 at 01:32
DragonFangDanWasn't working for me then I read FroZeNSouL's method and worked first try. One of the non-scoring skulls must deactivate the achievement or something.
Posted by DragonFangDan on 22 Feb 20 at 03:28
jimmyclutchmandid the whole laso campaign and this did not pop for me
Posted by jimmyclutchman on 19 Apr 20 at 23:14
Posted by SilentRich69 on 21 Apr 20 at 02:14
keke7302Works perfectly on Noble Actual.
Posted by keke7302 on 23 Apr 20 at 09:47
elCARLSONEPefect! Thx. clap
Posted by elCARLSONE on 13 Jul 20 at 06:26
theEchnessCan confim, still currently working.
Posted by theEchness on 20 Sep 20 at 15:48
tomservo6Doesn't seem to working for me on PC (non-Steam). Tried both cutscene missions, no non-scoring skulls on.
Posted by tomservo6 on 20 Sep 20 at 22:32
UtekaCan confirm it works on PC (non steam).
Had all scoring skulls on and did not skip the cut scene
Posted by Uteka on 26 Sep 20 at 17:23
ZX KNIGHTJust worked for me on xbox, scoring turned off, three scoring skulls on, no non scoring skulls, skipped cutscenes.
Posted by ZX KNIGHT on 01 Nov 20 at 22:57
xRaeZZoRxCan confirm, it works on PC (non-steam).
Had 3 random scoring skulls on and did not skip the entire cut scene (Noble Actual).
Posted by xRaeZZoRx on 08 Dec 20 at 09:03
snake42069i turned all skulls on, no scoring, played noble actual (1st "mission") and skipped it when i could. When the first cutscene of "Winter Contingency" started to play, i got the achievement.
Posted by snake42069 on 19 Jan 21 at 02:47
DanSh0wSt0pperCan confirm this still pops
Posted by DanSh0wSt0pper on 28 Mar 21 at 09:28
KirbySurfingI did "Winter Contingency" with Famine, Fog and Tough Luck, didn't get the achievement since I also had Grund Birthday Party and IWHBYD skulls on as well. So 3 scoring skulls together with non-scoring ones don't work, if someone looks here and has any confusion about that!
Posted by KirbySurfing on 10 May 21 at 21:54
Spring ShieldsCheers pal!
Posted by Spring Shields on 08 Dec 21 at 00:59