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Requiescat in Pace

Halo: Reach: Complete 10 assassinations on enemy players.

Requiescat in Pace-0.5
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03 Dec 2019 03 Dec 2019
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This one can be done in custom game with a friend or second account, just hold the melee button in the back of someone to get it 10 times
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愛野 美奈子 also unlocks in Firefight
Posted by 愛野 美奈子 on 05 Dec 19 at 05:26
dodgerofjam Cheers toast

Extra tip: Aim for the lower-back when holding the mêlée button for a better chance of assassination!

Also, if using split screen/second account, use the 'Zealot' map for a small arena where you can easily drop down to the bottom, choose a man cannon (red or blue) and it will shoot you to a single point of the map where you can easily find your opponent and/or they can reach you.
Posted by dodgerofjam on 12 Dec 19 at 04:51