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Halo: Reach: Access hidden UNSC radio chatter.

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03 Dec 2019
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oxitranPlease, either time stamp your comment with the part of the video that the guide is at or find another video, its why you have downvotes.
Posted by oxitran on 12 Dec 19 at 16:36
Rhys Mog@oxitran it's his own video... And it's a 2-4-1 achievement, what are you complaining about? The video is only 2 mins long, just be grateful. Silver is a legend, and his guides are top notch👌
Posted by Rhys Mog on 30 Apr 20 at 21:52
ReggieRangerThis achievement has glitched for me, and a number of others having searched on Google.. does anyone have a work around?
Posted by ReggieRanger on 12 May 20 at 21:06
ReggieRangerI found a method that helped get this achievement unlocked, would've thought it works for all bugged ones too, so leaving it here:
- Press the 'Home' button, find Halo:MCC, press 'Start' & go to 'Manage games & add-ons'
- Go down to 'Saved data', go across to the account you need the achievement for, press 'Start' and delete the saved data
- Open Halo:MCC and press cancel when it tries to download data from the cloud
- Do the achievement requirements again, with any luck it'll pop this time
- Press 'Home', close game down, re-open and select to download data from cloud when prompted

This should work for any and all games/achievements that haven't popped first time round, hopefully it's not on a beast achievement like LASO playlists!
(I'm not claiming this is my method & would credit the person but can't find where I found it!)
Posted by ReggieRanger on 28 Jun 20 at 10:55
EB89AUVideo worked for me no issues, August 2020
Posted by EB89AU on 20 Aug 20 at 09:32
JohnnyKoiThank you sir! It works fine 14 dec 2020
Posted by JohnnyKoi on 14 Dec 20 at 09:04