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Chol Von's Not Gonna Like This

Halo: Reach: Kill 1000 Skirmishers.

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04 Dec 2019 12 Sep 2021
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You Can Hit X > Press Your Gamertag > Go To Find Player > Type JullianGG and hit file share > Game Types > Jullian's Skirmisher Guide.

Grind Out Those Kills...

And Your All Set.

With My Set Up It Took 32 minutes
Homunculus Fury Pointed out in the comments that, If you do this with other players, they Don't get progress toward this achievement, Only The Host Does.

"If You're playing alone You're Fine."
If You want to set this up on your own...

A Good Way To Grind This Achievement Out Would Be To Utilize The Fire Fight Options.

Hit FireFight > Custom FireFight > Pick a Small Map > Pick FIREFIGHT.

In the Options Menu Go To FireFight Settings > Wave Properties > Round 1 Wave Properties.

Now Switch Drop Ship To DISABLED for faster enemy Spawns.
Then Change Every Squad To "SKIRMISHERS"

Rinse and Repeat for ALL SQUADS & ALL WAVES

Go Back Till You See Initial wave, Main Wave and Boss Wave and Set All The Squads To "SKIRMISHERS" again.

Once That's Set, Go Back Till You See, Round 1, 2, 3 & Bonus Round Wave Properties.... Then Once Again Set All Squads to "SKIRMISHERS".

As Far As Skulls You Should Turn Them All Off to make Life Easier. (Except Grunt Birthday Party Of Course)

Customize Your Self As You See Fit.. However..
I 100% Recommend These Settings

In Spartan Settings Max Out Starting Lives, Extra Lives,
Go to Base Traits, Shields and Health, Change Damage Resistance To "INVULNERABLE"

In Weapons and Damage, Max Out Damage Modifier to 300%, Melee Modifier to 300%, Infinite Ammo Bottomless Clip, Ability Usage Unlimited.

The Rest Is Up To You Like I Said Earlier, Like Movement Speed, What Weapon You Want to Use, How far You Want Motion Tracker Range to be etc.

Pick Normal Difficulty or Higher and You will Grab This Achievement Once a Set Is Complete

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionEnemies Everywhere!The Enemies Everywhere! achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 22 pointsHalo: Reach: Complete a Firefight set on Normal or harder.

You Can Click in on the Right stick to save your customization.

Shout Out To Samba For Making a Map as well in the comments
SambaSeems like Juiiian removed his game mode so I uploaded mine if someone wants to use it. GT is Samba and the file is called FF Skirmisher. Just grab the rocketlauncher from one of the droppods and depending on how well you do in the bonus round it should take people 2 games.
Posted by Samba on 04 Dec 19 at 10:02
Paul Laserbeami'll let him know today so he can fix it
Posted by Paul Laserbeam on 04 Dec 19 at 11:11
Crazy DutchmanThank you Julian for the Guide, and thanks Samba for the updated map. toast

Sidenote: Julian, are you already regretting your gamertag choiiiice? laugh
Posted by Crazy Dutchman on 04 Dec 19 at 16:32
JullianGGYes Crazy Dutchman, facepalm don't have any other ideas tho
Posted by JullianGG on 04 Dec 19 at 16:53
BoxKingKevinDo I need to get the 1000 kills in a single match? I haven't gotten any updated progress on the achievement bar.
Posted by BoxKingKevin on 09 Dec 19 at 03:16
JullianGGNo, Its Cumulative.

Certain Achievements aren't popping for some people including myself
Posted by JullianGG on 09 Dec 19 at 13:02

Was able to get this done in about 20 minutes from 113 kills to the 1000.
Posted by RuneSlayer4421 on 09 Dec 19 at 18:41
AkaiERAThanks for the gametype.

I would recommend replacing one of the weapons with a Needler, though. Needler has homing shots and in combination with bottomless clips and 300% damage you can just hold the trigger down and walk/jump arround the map without having to aim too much.
Posted by AkaiERA on 11 Dec 19 at 12:12
JullianGGGreat Idea AkaiERA, I'll Definitely Consider That
Posted by JullianGG on 11 Dec 19 at 13:38
SighrisGreat guide, 0-1000 in 24 min using needler on holdout
Posted by Sighris on 13 Dec 19 at 12:01
DwaggieniteHow do I USE the game mode that I downloaded from you?
Posted by Dwaggienite on 14 Dec 19 at 22:50
Soon as you Hit Custom Firefight You will See the different game types like Arcade Firefight, Versus, RocketFight etc.

Keep Scrolling Till You See My Game Type You Downloaded
Posted by JullianGG on 14 Dec 19 at 23:53
DwaggieniteThank you. I'm an idiot and saw it just after I commented. Thank you for the solution. Big help :D

Oh, btw, I'd suggest turning on damage to max, and starting with a rapid-fire weapon, such as battle rifle, or maybe even a plasma repeater.
Posted by Dwaggienite on 15 Dec 19 at 03:05
SighrisDwag, as someone else stated use needle, infinite ammo and it tracks them so you don't even need to aim accurate
Posted by Sighris on 15 Dec 19 at 03:18
JullianGGThose Adjustments Have Been Added As Of Now.

1st load out Now Includes Needler
Max Damage was already on

Took a while to get back to Xbox. Thanks for the Recommendations Guys!
Posted by JullianGG on 15 Dec 19 at 03:57
imthatguy19worked perfect. thanks. took about 35 min to get 1000
Posted by imthatguy19 on 21 Dec 19 at 16:55
If you use the jetpack, you can get the Gamebreaker achievement for 10 kills while jetpacking and if you replace the skirmiahers with grunts, kill some until a few run away and assassinate the one's running away, you can also get the Requiescat In Pace achievement for 10 assassinations.
Posted by P00R GRENDEL on 21 Dec 19 at 19:54
GamePadZebbyCould this set up be theoretically used for all other enemy types (bar 4-specific, obviously)
Posted by GamePadZebby on 26 Dec 19 at 13:24
JullianGG@Smoky Brenneth Yes! You can switch things around with that set up if you wanted to. That wont change the Intial File.

Feel free to change anything you want.
Posted by JullianGG on 26 Dec 19 at 14:13
SonnieSlimMy game is bugged. Only getting progress in Campaign. Get 0 progress in firefight
Posted by SonnieSlim on 06 Jan 20 at 20:44
PlagueStallionThanks heaps for doing this map Samba and JuIIIian for the solution guide
Posted by PlagueStallion on 07 Jan 20 at 00:43
JullianGG@PlagueStallion No Problem, For the record my map is available. It's just at the time i wrote this solution it wasn't there for a bit. Samba was nice enough to make one as well.
Posted by JullianGG on 07 Jan 20 at 01:57
ThePaleHorsemanFan-friggin-tastic. I only wish this was possible for knights and watchers.
Posted by ThePaleHorseman on 21 Mar 20 at 00:30
PHATFree86Great guide and playlist! That bonus round was INSANE 🥳🥳
Posted by PHATFree86 on 01 Apr 20 at 21:35
VaseraxGreat Firefight File. Thanks!
Posted by Vaserax on 08 Apr 20 at 02:00
MrKoolxDood@ThePaleHosreman fr
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 10 Apr 20 at 22:13
Homunculus FuryThis appears to be host only my co op partners kills did not count for him.
Posted by Homunculus Fury on 30 Apr 20 at 12:38
SlightlyEroticFiles not available. 0 available under sharing
Posted by SlightlyErotic on 13 Jun 20 at 14:02
JullianGGIt shows that it's still there for me. Let me know if it worked out or not.

R.I.P. to the 0 downvotes, Feels bad. facepalm
Posted by JullianGG on 13 Jun 20 at 16:50
SighrisDon’t feel bad. Most likely user error...
Posted by Sighris on 13 Jun 20 at 17:28
JullianGGThx Sighris I Appreciate That. wink
Posted by JullianGG on 13 Jun 20 at 17:46
FaSCoRPI checked yesterday (Feb,15 2020) and it was not shared (0/150 shared said) but anyway with the guide it is easy to understand where it goes
Posted by FaSCoRP on 15 Feb 21 at 14:02
JullianGGOh Ok Ill go back and try fix it thx for letting me know... I checked it and it's there not sure what's wrong. I reuploaded it as well

The GT is J u i i i i a n (yes those are 4 i's) the letter i four times
Posted by JullianGG on 15 Feb 21 at 17:40
Vr EnglishSuper easy link. No issues with your solution. I'd recommend corvette. Thanks Juiiiian
Posted by Vr English on 02 Mar 21 at 21:39
JullianGGSweet! No Problem! Thank You
Posted by JullianGG on 02 Mar 21 at 23:15
GHOSTLYSHINOBIGreat map, thank you very much!
Posted by GHOSTLYSHINOBI on 25 Jun 21 at 04:41
John InVictusIn addition to the above, I highly suggest playing on Corvette and using the Needler as your primary loadout weapon with player jump and speed turned up to 300%.

Needler go brrrrrr
Posted by John InVictus on 03 Aug 21 at 19:12
ImJoshinYallThanks for providing the gametype/file!
Posted by ImJoshinYall on 31 Dec 21 at 05:00
JullianGGYou're Welcome! Glad to see this still works well
Posted by JullianGG on 31 Dec 21 at 17:41