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Two Corpses In One Grave

Halo: Reach: Kill 2 vehicles at once with the Target Locator during ONI: Sword Base.

Two Corpses In One Grave0
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04 Dec 2019
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Slight correction to Noodles Jr., load CHECKPOINT BRAVO - you'll spawn 2 seconds before being able to pick up the target locator. From there you can attempt to take out both Wraiths. If you don't get it the first time, the checkpoint autospawns with the locator already equipped. It's easy to get on Normal.
Robster80Did NOT get this on Normal - had to be on Heroic to finally unlock.
Posted by Robster80 on 31 Dec 19 at 12:47
RamboGoesMeowI only played it on Normal, so it doesn’t have to be on Heroic to unlock it.
Posted by RamboGoesMeow on 02 Jan 20 at 06:15
jwprice1974I'll confirm that it unlocks on Normal, but it didn't unlock until my fourth successful attempt. Achievement is flagged as buggy.
Posted by jwprice1974 on 18 Jan 20 at 00:31
Had a whale of a time unlocking this, took me 6 successful attempts on normal plus one on legendary. Very buggy achievement, good luck to you all.
Posted on 31 Jan 20 at 17:59
A GORILLA GUNCan confirm that it only popped for me when they died from the same explosion
Posted by A GORILLA GUN on 16 Feb 20 at 15:16
GamePadZebbyUnlocked for me first try, but only once I cleared the other enemies. Yes, that is a flex 😜
Posted by GamePadZebby on 18 Feb 20 at 17:32
Notorious KiwiGood guide and comment recommendations. I went to the right and hid behind a rock. I found that the earlier the wraiths spot you the quicker the one on the left charges which makes it difficult to cluster them. Best of luck all.

PS: Yes unfortunately it's both wraiths in one shot needed for the achievement not an entire barrage unfortunately. They can obviously be hurt but the killing blow must come from the same shell.
Posted by Notorious Kiwi on 18 Mar 20 at 10:18
NEMESISN452Never poped for me have done this about 4 times now on normal difficulty
Posted by NEMESISN452 on 29 Sep 21 at 06:02