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Enemies Everywhere!

Halo: Reach: Complete a Firefight set on Normal or harder.

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I have created a gametype for this achievement. It is called "Skirmishers/Invulnerable Boost".
You can use it for both this achievement and for farming Skirmisher kills.
In this gametype, you are invulnerable and you deal increased damage.
I suggest using the Firefight map "Corvette" for this, as it is the smallest map.
Set the difficulty to Normal or higher, doesn't matter since you cannot be killed.
As for the gametype, you may find it in my File Share.
You should get both achievements within ~30 minutes.

EDIT: TA user KHarttt mentioned that using the unlimited Jetpack can get you the achievement for killing 10 enemies while using the jetpack (Game Breaker achievement).

EDIT 2: TA user KAW 24 mentioned that the solution could use a small guide on how to download the gametype.
Press X > Select Your Gamertag > Press A > Select Find Player
KHartttThanks for the custom gametype and info!

Also unlocked the Game Breaker achievement during my run as well, due to the unlimited jetpack.
Posted by KHarttt on 05 Dec 19 at 03:49
KAW 24Great solution. It would be useful to highlight the steps required to download the game type from your file share since it took me a while to figure it out. E.g.

Press X > Select Your Gamertag > Press A > Select Find Player
Posted by KAW 24 on 07 Dec 19 at 09:29
C3LLDW3LLERWill this get patched?
Posted by C3LLDW3LLER on 09 Dec 19 at 19:57
AradorVery easy, don't know you have a downvote for this but have another upvote
Posted by Arador on 21 Dec 19 at 02:48
craig killed yaI have downloaded you gametype into my files, how do I actually play it?
Posted by craig killed ya on 23 Dec 19 at 11:25
al pritchardThis is brilliant I got the achievements that you suggested I'd get and then I went back in and changed some of the enemies to mop up what was left of the kill 1000 of achievements. Thanks
Posted by al pritchard on 07 Jan 20 at 19:27
Kanchanaburithank you, this made the skirmishers very easy.
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 29 Jan 20 at 23:14
ApolarcatThank you for including how to get them gametype
Posted by Apolarcat on 07 Feb 20 at 19:07
BIG ChromerThank you this is great!
Posted by BIG Chromer on 10 Feb 20 at 10:15
Liebers87Just wanted to add that the bonus round was awesome!
Posted by Liebers87 on 13 Feb 20 at 17:33
EVAhazardThis one doesn’t seem to be unlocking for me even after playing two sets on normal and ending the game, though I did get the 1000 skirmisher kills ach. I’ve also played several firefight sets in firefight matchmaking and still no unlock. Happening to anyone else?
Posted by EVAhazard on 15 Feb 20 at 12:16
EVAhazardHi Firestormental, thank you for the quick response! I’ve tried about everything at this point: Normal, Heroic, and Legendary with your gametype plus a different custom gametype, Normal and Heroic single sets without changing the settings, changed setting to one single set, etc. I always wait until the announcer says “Set Start” at the beginning of set 2 before ending the game.

I’ve also restarted and hard restarted my Xbox in a myriad of ways + quit out of MCC countless times. Safe to say this one’s glitched for me. My friends have got it (I think one even did when we were playing FF MM together).

I suppose I can try other things relating to my console and Xbox but I have 656 achievements in MCC and this is the only one not unlocking for me. I will look into submitting a report to see what may be the problem and/or if it can be fixed.

I really appreciate your guide and help! I will post an update should I finally unlock the achievement.
Posted by EVAhazard on 27 Feb 20 at 16:41
XAngelofDeathX3This was fantastic for getting the 1000 skirmishers achievement. 3 playthroughs of reach = 12%. 25 minutes of the Corvette map with this? =88%
Posted by XAngelofDeathX3 on 24 Mar 20 at 04:34
WiizKiinHi guys,

Mine didn't unlock after completing one set.
I finished the bonus round (think I died during this round but it doesn't matter).
So I did a hard reset and when I booted up Halo MCC it unlocked.

Hope this helps some people out.

Posted by WiizKiin on 29 Apr 20 at 20:05
SlightlyEroticUpvoted. Great guide.

Question. Can this be done with the watchers, crawlers and knights kills as well?
Posted by SlightlyErotic on 13 Jun 20 at 14:33
metallicafan459Nope - as they are not part of reach. You can enable it for Brutes/Grunts/Jackals/Hunters - hunters is probably the only useful one!
Posted by metallicafan459 on 25 Jun 20 at 07:34
jordan macitbeautiful (edits helped a lot) thanks
Posted by jordan macit on 28 Jun 20 at 10:48
xxDAMRONxxBro...well done
Posted by xxDAMRONxx on 14 Jul 20 at 13:51
I ASK NO ONEI was playing this map and got the achievement for finishing a firefight after the bonus round, not after I quit. I'm still playing it for the skirmisher kills. So for those that may not get the cheev for the the firefight after they quit out, u may need to actually finish the bonus round to get credit for the actual firefight. I'm not sure. MCC seems buggy on many achievements.

Thanks for the map, BTW. Thumbs up!
Posted by I ASK NO ONE on 12 Aug 20 at 14:35
EB89AUI had to finish the bonus round also and the achievement popped straight after.

Thank you for the guide that made it very easy!
Posted by EB89AU on 20 Aug 20 at 09:26
RCPerfect, thanks!
Posted by RC on 23 Sep 20 at 22:26
LifefloatThis helped alot thank you very much!
Posted by Lifefloat on 23 Nov 20 at 14:01
Oriole2682I dont see a gamertag to search for?
Posted by Oriole2682 on 14 Jan 21 at 03:37
PhoenixWartoothFor anyone who was as confused as me, where the original poster of this solution seems to have disappered from this site, I believe the gamertag to search is Firestormental
Posted by PhoenixWartooth on 14 Jan 21 at 10:29
adraedinIt's March 3, 2021 today - the solution still works. Everything you need to get the job done is here.

*The original poster was indeed named Firestormental and the user's files are still available.
Posted by adraedin on 13 Mar 21 at 01:33
energyfieldsConfirmed working as of June 5, 2021. Killed 1000 skirmishers after ~25 minutes on this game mode.
Posted by energyfields on 05 Jun 21 at 15:55
nzane7More on this, you can also get the achievement Wrmslayer with the same settings in the settings. Just change all the enemies to plain hunters and go for gold. With one set and the bonus round, you can get around 170+
Posted by nzane7 on 17 Jul 21 at 01:57
NuxrizThis achievement is not unlocking for me even though I have done it several times...
Posted by Nuxriz on 30 Oct 21 at 11:25