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Negative, Ghostrider

Halo: Reach: Get a Skullamanjaro in a matchmade Headhunter game.

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Flame SamaFlame Sama214,755
04 Dec 2019 20 Oct 2020
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Got this one legit because TEAM Headhunter makes it almost trivial. I remember the OG achievement being a pain because it had to be done in 8 player FFA. This time around, just queue in social games for Asset Denial and only have Halo Reach selected. Got it in my first game because 4v4 Headhunter makes it considerably easier. As long as someone on your team hits it, you get the achievement. Stay with your team if you have a lot of skulls or protect the guy on your team who does.
愛野 美奈子seems to be buggy atm i got it in match where noone got 10 in 1 capture when i got 5 in 1 capture and friend got it in other game when they assassinated someone
Posted by 愛野 美奈子 on 05 Dec 19 at 05:29
KiRRAYNEBTB works too. That’s how I got it. A lot of death so plenty of opportunities. Got it first game too!
Posted by KiRRAYNE on 05 Dec 19 at 14:13
Noodles JrSince the guide doesn't specify, you need to score 10 skulls at once to get a Skullamanjaro. You wont get a medal for it in a team game, but it well say in the kill feed "X ended the game with a Skullamanjaro" but the game won't end. If that happens, the achievement will unlock.
Posted by Noodles Jr on 05 Dec 19 at 22:44
The S bot 9000I disagree with the comment above. Last night I was in a 4v4 and all 4 of us got the medal (at different times) despite no one actually getting the 10 skulls needed. Not everyone on the other team got the medal so i'm not sure what triggers the game to think you got one
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 06 Dec 19 at 02:40
Noodles JrI got the achievement by scoring 10 skulls myself. In the kill feed, it said exactly what I said it said. There's a good chance this achievement is buggy+, but I'm just saying what happened to me
Posted by Noodles Jr on 06 Dec 19 at 03:08
GhostWrexI may be wrong, but I think it's unlocking once you score a total of 10 skulls. I got the callout and the achievement when I got my 10th skull, but someone on my team DID get a legit Skullamanjaro, so I can't say for sure
Posted by GhostWrex on 06 Dec 19 at 12:08
Vengeful VoidJust searched over 1h in the last couple of days but couldnt find a lobby, every other mode works... Guess I need to boost this :/

Got it legit, turn your relay off. Its a known bug, when its on you find less gamers.
Posted by Vengeful Void on 06 Dec 19 at 17:22
PJBSeems buggy. I put in 10 skulls at once and nothing happened, no medal or announcer. An enemy does it and the game ends then achievement unlocks for me facepalm

Edit: watched it in theatre. A skullimanjaro medal popped up for me at the end of the game when we lost. Really confused how this works.
Posted by PJB on 06 Dec 19 at 22:45
paddycfc22Best mode is FFA as most people spam grenades on the bodies. I had about 12 skulls on the floor and I picked up 2 then It gave me the medal haha think it glitched cause there was so many skulls on the floor
Posted by paddycfc22 on 06 Dec 19 at 23:20
ResinousHashishPopped when I had turned in 11 skulls. I did them individually not all at once.
Posted by ResinousHashish on 07 Dec 19 at 16:26
iViluxNot sure how many I had turned in when it popped, but never had 10 at once.
Posted by iVilux on 07 Dec 19 at 18:53
Poopdog M60RiotNot to be a dick but there is Zone control and Asset Denial not an asset control....
Posted by Poopdog M60Riot on 07 Dec 19 at 21:44
LAZY SHIKAMARUXPlayed crappy, only turned in 3 skulls the entire game in BTB, got random Skullamanjaro medal in my first game 🤣
Posted by LAZY SHIKAMARUX on 08 Dec 19 at 00:01
KoboroverWell I just found out that it's not a Skullamanjaro when you personally turn in 10 skulls at once and with it you go to or over the score limit of 50...
Posted by Koborover on 08 Dec 19 at 15:56
Koborover...however I did get it randomly a game later when I just had 7 skulls on me, definitely bugged.
Posted by Koborover on 08 Dec 19 at 16:10
Zoda iZ CruelPopped for me even i scored 0.
Hell, i didn't even carried 10 at the same time, maybe 3 or 4.
Posted by Zoda iZ Cruel on 10 Dec 19 at 21:15
JX JuniorPopped for me after picking up a total of 10 skulls. Didn't have to turn them in but maybe it was delayed. I just had gotten the Skullamanjaro medal immediately after picking up my 10th one
Posted by JX Junior on 12 Dec 19 at 05:14
Vr EnglishMy theory on this is if you're holding X amount of skulls and someone else on your team scores 10-X, that means the game thinks cumulatively you've scored 10 at that time as you're being given credit for the team points. This explains why I was able to get the medal at different points to my friend. Example: You're holding 4 skulls, someone on your team caps 6 skulls = Skullamanjaro medal.
Posted by Vr English on 13 Dec 19 at 09:53
Black BIoodI believe you require 10 kills, then anyone can turn in the skull. Was in a boosting session and it unlocked consistently ... Regardless, this is what happened: gave them all 10 skulls and they turned but no achievement - get 10 kills and pop, achievement without turning in any more skulls
Posted by Black BIood on 14 Dec 19 at 22:24
Uplink oo SevenJust played team mode and my team got destroyed. We had a total of 13 between the 4 of us best on my team was 6 but got achievement when other team turned in 10 or it could be I had picked up more then ten total and kept dying but when I turned in 2 it gave me credit. 2 ppl on my team got award as well as 3 on other team. Very buggy
Posted by Uplink oo Seven on 15 Dec 19 at 01:24
MemesNBeerI got the medal the moment I had 10 skulls. I didn’t actually have to score them to get the achievement
Posted by MemesNBeer on 17 Dec 19 at 19:24
l BlackBrian7 lI got the medal as soon as I scored my 10th skull and they were all scored separately, not together as 10. Makes this ach much easier than the original!
Posted by l BlackBrian7 l on 20 Dec 19 at 16:23
netstrykerI got the achievement on Headhunter and getting myself less then 10 skulls. My team lost the game 36 x 45 if I remember.
Posted by netstryker on 24 Dec 19 at 06:17
I Argonaut II got my skullamanjaro after scoring 8 skulls and then picking up a couple more from a guy I killed. Not as bad as scoring 10 at once, which is what I feared it may take
Posted by I Argonaut I on 01 Jan 20 at 21:09
OneBullet10anyone looking to boost this, can barely find a game as it is...
Posted by OneBullet10 on 03 Jan 20 at 13:15
netstrykerFind matches can take a little long on mostly times. I think it can be linked with the hour of the day that you are looking for matches. In my case, was not fast, I had to try many times e it takes a patience. When I did, I was playing at 1:00 AM on UTC -3:00 area.
Posted by netstryker on 03 Jan 20 at 18:22
metallicafan459I was holding 5 skulls at once when it popped
Posted by metallicafan459 on 15 Feb 20 at 15:11
K0nangThis is not a comment to the solution per-se, but worth noticing that I got this when the enemy team did the skullamanjaro. Not sure if intended but I guess I got lucky
Posted by K0nang on 30 Mar 20 at 06:28
MrKoolxDoodi cant find how to play a team headhunter game
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 02 Apr 20 at 21:27
MrKoolxDoodGot it in a session and still don’t know how it workslaugh
Posted by MrKoolxDood on 30 Apr 20 at 22:37
GUITARGOD240Can you do this in custom?
Posted by GUITARGOD240 on 01 May 20 at 02:46
TazwazI cant find a headhunter game for the life of me... can someone PLEASE tell me EXACTLY what i need to search to find a game now a days? I get lots of matches head hunter NEVER comes up
Posted by Tazwaz on 03 May 20 at 03:46
Raw Sauce RossNo longer autopops for the whole team, it's been "patched."
Posted by Raw Sauce Ross on 10 May 20 at 01:22
FrendinI just got this achievement with like 3 separate people getting it across both teams in 4v4 Headhunter. I have never once gotten a Skullamanjaro despite getting close a few times
Posted by Frendin on 22 May 20 at 03:01
Sheamus OBoyleRaw Sauce Ross is wrong. A guy on my team got the Skullamanjaro medal and I got the achievement.
Posted by Sheamus OBoyle on 25 May 20 at 15:29
chris2xlcI can confirm that you still get the achievement when one of your teammates gets this medal in 4v4 Headhunter.
At the time of writing, a sure way to get this gamemode is to choose the playlist "asset denial" for Halo Reach. This currently appears to be the only gamemode in this playlist.
Posted by chris2xlc on 10 Jun 20 at 11:35
godsandm0nsters^ Thanks for the Asset Denial tip. Got it in my second match.
Posted by godsandm0nsters on 29 Jun 20 at 14:54
EnvigorateCan I get some sweats who don't have the mental capacity of a potatoe to obtain this?
Posted by Envigorate on 06 Aug 20 at 18:39
SaP RaZzorGot 4 matches were 1 or more teammates got the skullamanjaronedal but didn’t pop for me. Even had a game we’re I had 10 grabbed at once but didn’t score then.
Got the medal myself today in a game and I popped
Posted by SaP RaZzor on 04 Oct 20 at 21:10
peeveenVERY buggy, but in a good way. I played about half a dozen headhunter matches, never had more than 4 skulls in my hand at any one time. Skullamanjaro medal and announcement just appeared mid-game for no particular reason, and achievement unlocked. In intermediate games, I saw messages telling me that other players (on my team and the other team) were getting Skullamanjaro's, but the match score didn't seem to agree, and nothing happened achievement-wise. Just seems random to me.
Posted by peeveen on 01 Nov 20 at 18:06
maliciousmike24I've gotten the medal many times, but achievement will not pop. Only have 2 achievements left and this is one of them. Someone help.
Posted by maliciousmike24 on 30 Jan at 17:09
Squirtle0verMeLooking to boost this. Message on Xbox.
Posted by Squirtle0verMe on 03 Apr at 23:58