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Run and Gunned

Halo: Reach: Headshot 10 enemies while they are sprinting.

Run and Gunned-0.4
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Here is how I boosted this with two controllers:

Customer Multiplayer
Halo: Reach
Map:Boardwalk (doesn't matter, just one you are familiar with)
Gametype: Swat (in Slayer category)

General settings: turn off score and time limits
Player Traits: Damage Resistance to 10% (don't know if this even helped since it was Swat)
Weapons and Damage: Ability Usage to Unlimited
Movement: Player Speed to 50% (So I can aim quick enough)

Sign on a guest account and set their button mapping to RECON, so that you can use the sprint (LB) and the left stick to run to your main account.

With your main, pop them in the head to get a HEADCASE medal. These are what you are looking for.

Takes 5 mins or less!
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dodgerofjam Amazing starting point; gets an upvote from me!

I would also amend/add the following:
•The scoring system means that traits and abilities aren't always active, e.g. if you have one more kill than your opponent, you will have a slower movement speed whilst they will move at normal speed.
•It's easiest to get a headshot with the opponent running straight towards you, if you can engineer that situation.
•In the Custom Game options, it's 'Leader Traits: Shields and Health: Damage Resistance', not 'Player Traits'.
There are SO many options here that it took me a while to work out!
•'Leader Traits: Weapons and Damage: Armor Ability' should be set to 'Sprint'
•'Leader Traits: Movement: Player Speed' can be set to '25%' instead of '50%'. Much easier!
•'Leader Traits: Sensors: Motion Tracker Mode' can be set to 'Enhanced Mode' to help find your opponent (can also increase 'Motion Tracker Range' if that helps).
•For more time before the end of the match, go to 'General Settings: Time Limit' and increase it.
•Use the 'Zealot' map for a small arena where you can easily drop down to the bottom, choose a man cannon (red or blue) and it will shoot you to a single point of the map (at normal speed) where you can easily find your opponent and/or they can reach you

Genuine thanks for help on this achievement!
Posted by dodgerofjam on 12 Dec 19 at 04:33
JR1203 Why don't you like jam!?

I appreciate the kind words, but yes there are A LOT of things you can tweak for these custom games.
I do like your idea about the enhanced tracker!
I just loaded up Boardwalk and knew all the areas, so it wasn't too confusing to "re-remember" this older map.
Posted by JR1203 on 13 Dec 19 at 01:36
nemesis646 Works great, cheers.
Posted by nemesis646 on 22 Dec 19 at 22:09