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Halo: Reach: Find Data Pad 10 on Winter Contingency on Legendary difficulty

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05 Dec 2019
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Mission 1 - Winter Contingency

There are two data pads to collect in this mission.

Click on the spoiler tag to see the embedded video for this mission:
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

You will also unlock the following data pad achievement in this mission:
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHey, You Dropped ThisThe Hey, You Dropped This achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 12 pointsHalo: Reach: Find Data Pad on 1 Winter Contingency

Collecting all 19 data pads will earn you the following:
Halo: The Master Chief CollectionCanonical ConundrumThe Canonical Conundrum achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 83 pointsHalo: Reach: Find all Data Pads.

I've created a playlist which has all individual missions and their data pad locations:

Note: you can collect the data pad and reload checkpoint/respawn, and you will still receive the credit for this achievement.
rafa1000houseIt can be done on Legendary Coop. I was struggling to kill the invisible Elite, then I decided to ask one friend to help.
Posted by rafa1000house on 11 Dec 19 at 14:55
Ericmax69Randomly, when you hit him with a shot, the elite may turn and shout at you - this gives you the opportunity to land a few more. Normally happens near the start of his run, it helps you to take down his shield so you can kill him before he disappears.
Posted by Ericmax69 on 28 Dec 19 at 23:25
Lord MidasTrying this on my own. Just feels nigh on impossible. Even when my crosshairs are on the dude I still seem to miss. Given up.
Posted by Lord Midas on 15 May 20 at 12:28
Ericmax69Like so many achievements nowadays, this one seems to be heavily RNG based (did you hit him, damage per hit, does he decide to stop and shout at you etc). You will get so sick of the beginning FMV as he gets away multiple times before you finally nail that sucker...
Posted by Ericmax69 on 17 May 20 at 22:37
Wwauif anyone still needs this i am hosting a session for it
Posted by Wwau on 07 Jul 20 at 16:08
Jord0nBlu3This isn't even fun anymore. Anyone hosting sessions?
Posted by Jord0nBlu3 on 10 Apr 21 at 21:25