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Juggle basketball 10 times without it touching anything

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05 Dec 2019
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This achievement can be done on level 6 of Old town. You will automatically slide down into the level. Here, you will be shown how to kick a basketball. For this achievement, simply hold right stick (RS) upwards to aim upwards. You will then need to kick the basketball (Y) 10 times without it touching anything. It is easier to do this in the middle of the basketball court so it limits your chances of it touching anything. It may take a couple of retries to do it. If you hit something, you don't need to restart the level but just start again from 0.
Posted by ManuxBakaTeam on 08 Dec 19 at 21:08
Thumb PlungerI tried for too long before realizing I needed to be in the outdoor basketball court. so I got it First try at the outdoor (1st) court. I got it in my head to bring first ball to indoor court and have 2 balls to try with. Heads up for anyone else as clever as me... lol.

Also. I had to hold controller awkwardly to achieve this also with my right index on the y button and right thumb on r. stick (right half of controller resting on my right leg). My left hand was as normal. helped me get the slight angle needed to keep ball landing where i wanted it,
Posted by Thumb Plunger on 30 Dec 19 at 16:45
Secret SelfI just spent like an hour getting those two stupid basketballs up one flight of ramps when I realized how far it was to the outdoor court I said forget it ... it was like herding cats while being shot at .
Posted by Secret Self on 29 Feb at 10:20
DoonDoonsJust got this, I got 9 kicks and the basketball luckily went straight through the hoop without hitting it, thankfully didn't hit and it poped.
Posted by DoonDoons on 04 May at 18:18
xTAx LegndShotZBtw I don't know if you want to add to solution but when I went to do it I went into my settings and temporarily switched Y with RT. That way I could move both sticks and easily hit the RT button to kick it without having to struggle to hold controller funny. Can switch controls back to defaults right after so your settings are normal again.
Posted by xTAx LegndShotZ on 14 May at 17:45
vSullyI just held up on the right stick with my right thumb and used Y with my right index finger.
Posted by vSully on 17 May at 17:04