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Halo: Reach: Complete Exodus without using any armour abilities.

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06 Dec 2019
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For those of you who want/need to complete this solo I've made a video depicting an easy route through the only section that seems like it requires an armor ability - the jetpack section. Make sure you do not accidentally use your sprint ability.

There is no commentary for the video so a couple of things to note ahead of time:
1. This can be done on Easy difficulty, so I recommend taking advantage of that.
2. Make sure you pick up a gravity hammer from one of the two brutes in the area with the elevator. You will be needing to use it 6 times (or more if you mess up a jump) so make sure that you save at least 30% ammo as each use costs 5%.
3. For jumps using the gravity hammer, swing the hammer right BEFORE jumping.
4. For jumps using frag grenades, jump just BEFORE the grenade explodes and swing the hammer while you still have upward momentum.

DE4N MUFCWorked a charm, this is the best way to do it if you want to do it solo. Only wished this was posted before I wasted about 3 hours last night trying it my own way.
Posted by DE4N MUFC on 06 Dec 19 at 11:15
Ki11s0n3Thanks for the guide.
Posted by Ki11s0n3 on 06 Dec 19 at 23:44
ClandorBowmanI just want to add, for the last grenade jump in the video. I couldn't do it because I had low health and it kept killing me but you don't need to grenade jump there you can just gravity hammer jump inf you jump on the ledge glass first
Posted by ClandorBowman on 09 Dec 19 at 02:44
Wookiee HairemAfter I throw that first grenade the game won't let me swing the hammer in time. Is there like a cancel animation for the grenade that lets you do it?
Posted by Wookiee Hairem on 19 Apr 20 at 22:36
z RagnaroK zFYI, you DO NOT need a grenade for the last time. For some reason my game didn't spawn the grenade after you make the initial grenade + hammer jump, but there is another grenade to the left of the path you need to take up the stairs of the next part. You can jump on the large white pipes near the wall in the corner, and there is another grenade next to a shotgun there. Regardless, I simply used the hammer jump + crouch to do the very last jump in the video. Hope this helps.
Posted by z RagnaroK z on 23 May 20 at 05:46