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Reflection x20!!!

It's a secret!

Reflection x20!!!-0.2
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Minor spoiler!

Most non-story achievements you can get only in one section when you play as a different character. Don’t worry about it too much, there is chapter select after the end.

For this one, when you play as Audrey (girl with a sword), hold your sword with cn_RS towards an enemy attack. You don’t need to time it or anything. Repeat 20 times.

If you are short of 20, you can still do it during the final boss fight. In the third stage of the fight, target falling stars with cn_RS towards Audrey and she would reflect them herself which counts towards this achievement. You can sit in that stage for as long as you need to, without winning or losing the fight, to get all reflections you need.
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NapalmNiko In one sitting ?
Posted by NapalmNiko on 16 Dec 19 at 13:01
onsamyj No, cumulative.
Posted by onsamyj on 16 Dec 19 at 13:18
So Concussed I think this is bugged for me. I just finished the final boss fight 3 times and haven't gotten it yet
Posted by So Concussed on 19 Dec 19 at 00:26
onsamyj To clarify: in third stage of the boss fight, when you direct falling stars at Audrey, she starts to reflect them (she hits them with her sword, basically) – in previous stages you were hitting her with them. You can sit in that stage for as long as you need to, without winning or losing, to get all 20 reflections.
Posted by onsamyj on 19 Dec 19 at 04:46
Tostie14 I think it is bugged for me as well. I've sat in the stage of the final boss fight where she reflects the stars and I've counted over 80 that she has cracked and sent back to me.
Posted by Tostie14 on 02 Jan at 06:06
onsamyj A couple of people had similar problems with different achievements. Deleting save file from a console and a cloud (key part), then playing through a particular scene again (with scene select code you can do that pretty quickly) worked for them.
Posted by onsamyj on 02 Jan at 13:32
L4D Pills Here I had to delete my save data then try again, I find it's way easier to get this achievement on level 23 .compared to the final boss
Posted by L4D Pills Here on 02 Jan at 18:32
J L Chambo I've tried this on both levels 23 and the final boss with no luck, tried deleting all save data and starting again but that didn't work either. Guess I'm gonna be 1 cheevo sort for this game. cry
Posted by J L Chambo on 19 Jan at 22:12
onsamyj There are a couple of threads on the forum where people talk about glitched achievements and all of them got it in the end. As I understand it, you have to be really sure that you deleted all save date from everywhere. Maybe even reinstall the game. But since there is a scene select code, trying again would be pretty quick. Good luck!
Posted by onsamyj on 20 Jan at 02:16
NessNoldo Well, I can confirm I did the rest of reflections I needed in the final boss fight, with the falling stars at Audrey, I mean, I even wasn't using Audrey. There is no need to delete any save data, just have to wait.
Posted by NessNoldo on 05 Mar at 22:29
Sera Di Siah For whatever it helps, on level 23? 24? Where you play the Hero in the castle? Halfway through there is that part with the 3 Doves who shoot stuff at you? Just keep singing/charging upwards and they keep deflecing at the ceiling. If all 3 die, backtrack a bit until your screen goes black and go back, the enemies will respawn and you can farm them easily. I found the last level really unreliable. This method got me 20 without quitting.
Posted by Sera Di Siah on 26 Mar at 00:21