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One Final Firefight

Halo: Reach: Achieve a score of 150,000 points on Lone Wolf.

One Final Firefight0
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Sev22suffSev22suff211,860 211,860 GamerScore
07 Dec 2019
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Both guides above are very good and useful but seeing how it is still very tough to get I thought I would share how I got it. Easy difficulty with all skulls except blind and cowbell. At the start you need to destroy the two turrets near the start point to prevent the elites from getting on them. After you do that head towards the drop shield, along the way blow up all the exploding barrels to prevent a needless death from happening. As for where you will be setting up and getting the kills, I used the area directly beneath the turrets as I was only shot at by the wraiths when I jumped up or got to far away from the area. Before the elite generals show up your goal is to kill every grunt you can to prevent them from turning into suicide ones and blowing up directly on top of you while you are in the middle of getting kills. Once you run out of ammo pick up a plasma pistol as I tried using the sword and other weapons but couldn’t get hits fast enough. The spot also limits the amount of elites rushing you to about maybe six at a time which will take longer but it is a lot safer. Took me over a hour but did it first try doing it this method. Keep trying and you will get it.
Watts EffectExcellent, excellent! Thank you for sharing what you did 😊. This strategy is terrific to use.
Posted by Watts Effect on 08 Dec 19 at 02:54
FQXAlthough I'm first reading this after getting the achievement, this is definitely the safest area to go for this achievement. I personally set my sensitivities to 10 to make it easier to assassinate, as you're constantly getting aim assist slowdown on all the elites. I didn't use a sword in my entire run as it felt more dangerous, and didn't drop below half shield until moving to a different area after I hit the 150k points
Posted by FQX on 12 Dec 19 at 05:10