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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Ship

Halo: Reach: Fly both the Pelican and Phantom on New Alexandria.

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Ship0
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x1001x Puppysx1001x Puppys1,001,587
07 Dec 2019 09 Dec 2019
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I didn't really want to play this entire level with two controllers, so I spent a few minutes trying this solo and figured out the best way to do it.

First of all, this achievement is on New Alexandria. Load up the mission on any difficulty. Theoretically you most likely can go for this achievement after clearing the hospital, but I highly recommend waiting until you at least get the objective to head to Club Errara so you can get a nice checkpoint right near the location. You must play the entire mission and destroy all three jammers before the switch shows up. In the hospital, behind the generator you must destroy, is a jetpack. You need this for the achievement! The building you are looking for is due west of Club Errara, off in the distance. Around the right side of it will be a button on the ceiling about 80% of the way up the building. You must first hit this button, and then fly both a Banshee and a Falcon through a ring-like structure that will spawn both of these silly vehicles. Keep in mind that when you hit this button, the "call for evac" button breaks and does not work, so you cannot lose your Falcon. After numerous attempts to hop out, hit the button, and hop back in before my Falcon falls into oblivion, I thought outside of the box. Please see the video below, I'll go step by step.

1. Locate the building in question due west of Club Errara.

2. Fly your Falcon to the top of this building and park it nice and safe. Hope off the side and jetpack yourself to the button. While jetpacking, you will need to hold your use button at the same time so the switch flips.

3. Now comes a tricky part. You see me walking back and forth on the skinny ledge. What I am doing is waiting until I see a Banshee appear on my radar. You need to jetpack around the corner and hold your use button to hijack it. It comes down to a bit of luck here, but I managed it after a few tries.

4. Now fly off to the ring-like structure mentioned earlier. I can't describe it's location well with words, so check the video. The structure is due south of Club Errara and the switch building. After hovering in between for a while, your Banshee should turn into a Phantom (1/2). If it doesn't, try changing your altitude in between the structure a bit.

5. Pilot the Phantom back to the building you just came from, and head to the roof where you parked your Falcon. carefully hop out of the Phantom (it will disappear) and jetpack yourself so you don't take fall damage like me.

6. Now fly your Falcon over to the same ring-like structure, and repeat step 4. It will turn into a Pelican! If you did all this on the same checkpoint (or somehow got a checkpoint in between vehicles) the achievement should unlock.

Let me know if you have any questions and if this was helpful. If it was not, please leave a comment below addressing the situation before downvoting. I'm just trying to help :)

Edit 1: Added important info about when the switch spawns, as well as clarified location of building a bit better (thank you XBFALCON)
SpeciallyTDerpWorked perfectly!

(*waves* Hey Puppys!)
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 08 Dec 19 at 18:12
x1001x PuppysHi Specially! *waves* Glad it worked for you, happy to help.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 08 Dec 19 at 20:12
KAW 24The switch isn't there for me on Easy difficulty
Posted by KAW 24 on 08 Dec 19 at 20:50
SpeciallyTDerpIt was for me and I was on easy.
Posted by SpeciallyTDerp on 08 Dec 19 at 21:02
KAW 24My mistake, I was trying too early. I thought it had to be before completing the third main mission rather than before the final mission.

I found this easier than trying to balance the Falcon on the ledge, so +1 from me.
Posted by KAW 24 on 08 Dec 19 at 21:31
XBFALCONBeen searching the buildings for two hours, no switches to be found anywhere
Posted by XBFALCON on 09 Dec 19 at 11:01
XBFALCONand to the right or the left of the club because you say both
Posted by XBFALCON on 09 Dec 19 at 11:02
XBFALCONok here's how you change your guide.
You CANNOT "theoretically" do this after the first jammer.
The building with the switch is due west of the club.
The ring to fly through is due south of the club
Posted by XBFALCON on 09 Dec 19 at 11:18
x1001x Puppys@XBFALCON Thank you for the added clarifications, I added your directions and changed the solution to destroying all three jammers first. I wasn't sure if you could do it right away so I'm glad that is cleared up.

Anything else, feel free to let me know, I will try and check this solution daily to keep it updated until at least the end of December.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 09 Dec 19 at 14:59
ShonicTHQuick note, I just did this in co-op. One person flew a pelican, another person flew a phantom. I flew nothing and got the achievement, and this you only need someone in your party to fly one of each to get the achievement.
Posted by ShonicTH on 09 Dec 19 at 16:30
x1001x Puppys@ShonicTH Congrats! I would post your comment to the co-op solutions, as this is a solo player solution.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 09 Dec 19 at 20:16
ChristianWorked first try, thank you for this guide!
Posted by Christian#2729 on 10 Dec 19 at 03:13
Dante KasaiGood work, I also did not want to hook up a second controller for this. A shame you can't get the "Jorge Can't Have All the Big Guns" achievement solo too.
Posted by Dante Kasai on 10 Dec 19 at 05:55
x1001x Puppys@Dante I totally got that achievement solo, I didn't even know there was a co-op method lol
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 10 Dec 19 at 21:57
Dante Kasai@Puppys Yeah I completely forgot about the Pelican in Long Night of Solace - I thought you got the achievement I mentioned by manning the gunner on the Pelican that spawns from this easter egg. My bad!
Posted by Dante Kasai on 11 Dec 19 at 03:47
GhostWrexYou can also jack a banshee before hitting the switch and then just wedge it between the wall and the ledge to the left of the switch. It won't fall and you'll jump out on the ledge so you don't have to worry about killing yourself.
Posted by GhostWrex on 11 Dec 19 at 13:23
CrocsxYou should have start the video a bit before to show the building clearly, Apart from that this was perfect, you can mention that it will also unlock the achievement for Hijacking a Banshee in Halo Reach very easely.

EDIT : Also, I don't know for other, but both my Pelican and my Phantom Disappear after like a minute AND the Phantom disappear if you go trough building (he don't have collider) So go SAFELY and QUICKLY back to your vehicles
Posted by Crocsx on 19 Dec 19 at 13:59
Count FlandersI'm on the final portion of this mission (on Normal difficulty); the switch isn't there.

Never mind, I was at the wrong building (they all look the same!). +1 for me.
Posted by Count Flanders on 31 Dec 19 at 23:14
Thiagosc777I did it in single player as well. But I think it is much easier after getting the Falcon, to land it on a building somewhere, and then use the plasma pistol to drop one of the Banshees nearby and then hijack it.
Posted by Thiagosc777 on 01 Jan 20 at 00:10
EtherRabbitis it glitched after the update? Did on solo and co-op and ach did not pop, but did for co-op partner. even elaoded checkpoint and swapped vehicles to run through the building
Posted by EtherRabbit on 04 Apr 20 at 13:16
Goldfish LordYou can actually just barely keep the Pelican balanced in the corner if you place each turbine on the little ledge below the switch. It's much safer. I made a clip of it for those interested.
Posted by Goldfish Lord on 19 Apr 20 at 00:16
DDM Driv3Can confirm the solo method works as of today.
Catching the banshee was easier for me to jet pack back outside to the small ledge you dropped down to originally. They came a bit closer and I could see them when they were closest and I managed to see the pattern and got the steal first time.
Took a couple tries at different altitudes with the falcon but all works
Posted by DDM Driv3 on 23 Apr 20 at 16:08
GUITARGOD240I did it solo/Normal difficulty and did not pop up. Am I doing anything wrong?
Posted by GUITARGOD240 on 01 May 20 at 01:56
BLAZERMAN2122Did this coop and the button wasn’t there to push..any ideas on why.
Posted by BLAZERMAN2122 on 23 Jun 20 at 08:16
metallicafan459Just got this - one bit of advice I’d add is to kill any crew on your Falcon. They kept blowing up the banshees for me - and when I tried to kill them at the checkpoint where you are jammed into the building, it would often force the Falcon to fall - resulting in a lot more checkpoint loads!
Posted by metallicafan459 on 26 Jun 20 at 09:27
Circling NuggetI found what felt like an easier method to me, there are thin ledges just bellow the button and if you line up your falcon just right you can get the wings wedged on the ledges, hop out, jet pack up to the button then drop down and get back in. Might take a couple tries to get your falcon to stay but I could get it pretty consistently once I figured it out.
Posted by Circling Nugget on 26 Jul 20 at 03:50
NewbieKenobiExcellent guide! Hit the button on my 2nd attempt, hijacked the Banshee 1st try, though my Banshee came from the other direction. Word of advice though! When flying the Phantom back towards your Falcon, do not hit the building! It will despawn the Phantom making you clip into the building and die. I positioned myself above the roof, exited the Phantom and landed with the jetpack.
Posted by NewbieKenobi on 05 Aug 20 at 21:15
xShoot4WarAmpsxThanks for the guide completed this on my first attempt. Much easier than it looks.
Posted by xShoot4WarAmpsx on 20 Sep 20 at 21:50
LawWorked perfectly, thanks
Posted by Law on 24 Oct 20 at 21:08
keke7302Perfect guide, thanks! With this solution I managed to grab a Banshee on my first attempt.
Posted by keke7302 on 29 Dec 20 at 09:32
UNSC REX GTNoice. 🤟🏻 Got it on my third attempt, solo.
Posted by UNSC REX GT on 01 Jul 21 at 04:03
Daelus1What an absolutely stupid Achievement. Guide was perfect though.
Posted by Daelus1 on 14 Aug 21 at 13:02
SoppiestSquash8Very well written guide and great video - thanks!
Posted by SoppiestSquash8 on 01 Jan at 18:46