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Run and Gunned

Halo: Reach: Headshot 10 enemies while they are sprinting.

Run and Gunned0
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08 Dec 2019 12 Dec 2019
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If you want to do this naturally without boosting, quickest way would be to play infection on matchmaking with only halo reach selected. Infected players are almost always sprinting at you (unless you’re unlucky and get the infection mode where they get evade instead) and it’s 1 shot to the head with a pistol to kill. Took me 3 games

SWAT surprisingly doesn’t work well for this in matchmaking because sprinting gets you killed easy. And most players you’re up against are competent enough to know that. I did 5 games of SWAT, and only had 1 head case to show for it, had tons of kills too

You can also play swat in custom games with a 2nd controller or buddy to boost this however