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Rolling Pin

Complete 25 flattening jobs.

Rolling Pin+0.3
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11 Dec 2019 11 Dec 2019
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Credit goes to SilverBlock and erod550

Using the tutorial gives 1% per run for King of the Compactor
*Open Jobs
*Open Tutorials
*Select "Earthmoving Tutorial" (there is an image of 2 Wheel Loaders)
*Accept Job
*Be patient and wait for the tutorial messages for each step
-You only need to do Step 2, You can skip step 3 and 4
-You skip stage by...
*selecting details of the job
*then pressing the » (double arrows)
*Once finished you gain 1% on King of the Compactor
»Rolling Pin and Crusher will pop before this (by alot)

Its a grind "I know" but it works. (as of Dec 10 2019)
Good Luck Everyone
assassinDMGYes, it works!

As a side note, DO NOT abort the job after completing Stage 2. This will not count.
Posted by assassinDMG on 12 Sep 20 at 11:23