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Heads Up

Win a game of The Eliminator without acquiring any Car Drops.

Heads Up-0.4
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13 Dec 2019 16 Jan 2021
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They have patched the original stragegy. An updated guide with some tips on how to do this post-update is below. The head-to-head bug has also been patched.

Thanks to all the players who offered additional info/tips/experiences etc for the old guide. If was fun while it lasted ;)

****** Map ******

I made a map cataloguing a number of start and end locations for the final showdown. It's colour coded and numbered to make it as accessible as possible for everyone.!AnF_pprqYcCrmYJccuPL_isMqAj7mg

These aren't all locations, they are all that I could remember. Also to note, some aren't exact but still in the right general area.

If you know where orange ends let me know and if you encounter one that isn't on the map let me know (XBL screen of the final arena/circle and showdown end point) and I can update it.

In my experience these locations are set and do not have multiple end locations but I could be wrong. I even think head-to-heads have set end locations as well but are impossible to predict because of the many, many variables. I've had several head-to-heads ending in the exact same location.

****** 16/01/21 ******
Important comment from x1001x Puppys

"Just a comment about your map, they have changed a lot of the ending areas and finale locations. Out of the 20ish times I reached the finale, only #7 seems to still be 100% accurate (I got this twice, and used it to win, so big thank you for it). The rest are slightly different, and I had at least 10 unique finales."

It seems that they've randomised it or added more end locations. Just try and keep end points in mind from where the final showdown starts.

****** New Strategy ******

This method can be stacked with the "Last Car Standing" achievement.
Forza Horizon 4Last Car StandingThe Last Car Standing achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 126 pointsWin a game of The Eliminator.

This can also be stacked with Pacifist but it is much harder to do now and requires a lot more luck. Many players have achieved this post update.
Forza Horizon 4PacifistThe Pacifist achievement in Forza Horizon 4 worth 56 pointsSurvive until the Final Showdown in a Level 1 car.


*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

This achievement might still be a bit buggy post-update, if you completed the requirements and the achievement didn't unlock, try dashboarding and restarting Horizon 4, it's said that this will trigger the achievement to unlock.

Just a side note, when this mode ends up dying, you could probably jump into a game with a super low population and get it then. Might be a viable alternative in the future if you're having trouble with it. Or maybe they'll actually support it and make it fun with fun limited events where everyone has the same car only or everyone gets level 10 cars or something. Fingers crossed they support it and have fun things like that. (But hopefully they don't add anymore achievements amirite?)


These are the steps/flow to the game that I take to get to the Final Showdown, the final race to determine the winner.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Final Showdown

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Tips for unbreakable objects

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

If you're successful you'll have gotten probably now the hardest, achievements in this DLC.

Tips and experiences from other players

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

I'd recommend still reading the tips and experiences of other players in the old guide and comments. There are still some relevant info there and some of their experiences might give you the confidence you need to do it and/or might give you an idea of your own to win this thing.

****** Old *Patched* Strategy ******
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Let me know how you go. If you've any comments/adjustments/questions for this guide add it to the comments and I'll try and answer any questions you have.
HomelyBumRocketI won without picking up any car drops and solely earning my cars through head-to-head races, but the achievement didn't pop (Actually it's at 50%, which really doesn't make sense lol). So I wonder if selecting an upgrade car after winning a head-to-head counts as a car drop (it does play the car drop animation), even though those cars don't count for the Scavenger achievement.

So, maybe you either have to win with the Mini, or win with cars you've only taken from head-to-head opponents.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 13 Dec 19 at 06:19
Does it have to be with a lvl 1 car though?

The reason i ask is because if you beat another opponent in a head to head you get their car or a better one without getting a car drop, its a car swap or does these still count as a car drop?
Posted on 13 Dec 19 at 06:21
xDAKxI think it's still classed as a car drop, at least in my eyes. When you choose a car after a head to head it shows the car drop animation so I feel like it's still classed as a car drop which is why I didn't try to do any head-to-heads.

I know that getting new cars from head-to-heads don't count towards the car drop achievement. Maybe it's ok or it's bugged, I didn't want to test it out to be honest.
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 06:57
The Manic MooseI think the achievement can be buggy though as I did all the above in one game and neither pacifist or the no drop achievement popped.. I had to re do pacifist to get it to unlock and I haven’t managed to win since so yeah....
Posted by The Manic Moose on 13 Dec 19 at 07:18
Snow Marley
Does it have to be with a lvl 1 car though?

The reason i ask is because if you beat another opponent in a head to head you get their car or a better one without getting a car drop, its a car swap or does these still count as a car drop?
Jeah I was wondering the same.... I would be surprised if you cant pick up a car from a won 1vs1.... but jeah, you never know...
Posted by Snow Marley on 13 Dec 19 at 07:35
Yeah that's fucked up as i just won the eliminator in the mini with a second to spare and the achievement didn't unlock angry

I have a question though as the 30sec countdown timer started i took off outside of the area and just sprinted in one direction and luckily for me the finish line was in the direction I was heading, however i'm wondering if you need to be in the final circle for it to count.
Posted on 13 Dec 19 at 07:43
xDAKx@ Blue n Gold Eel I was in the circle before the 30 second countdown started and drove out of it at 20 seconds, you don't need to be in the circle before the Final Showdown officially starts. At least that's what happened for me.
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 08:39
Cult of PumaI really hope you can get new cars from Head-to-Head races. I mean... The name of the achievement is Heads Up and the picture shows not the mini.
Posted by Cult of Puma on 13 Dec 19 at 09:09
NoHeroes94Is there any way of replicating the bug for no H2H? Or is the solution saying you simply encountered it and it remained until you dashboarded out? I'm confused.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 13 Dec 19 at 09:18
xDAKx@ NoHeroes94 No no, it was a bug my friend and I encountered, no idea how to replicate it, sadly. To get rid of the bug you can just dashboard and reload. I found just hiding around the edges in the ring in bushes or trees etc helped me get to the final round almost every time.
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 09:41
stiminalI can confirm you can upgrade your car through head-to-head victories without voiding any requirements for this achievement.
Posted by stiminal on 13 Dec 19 at 09:47
^ Thanks stiminal, i will try it again and see what happens.

Ok DAK, i was on the edge of the circle and as soon as the timer started counting down i took off in the mini, won but no cheevo.
Posted on 13 Dec 19 at 10:11
xDAKx@ Blue n Gold Eel First of all, nice work on the win. But secondly, it's crappy that it didn't unlock. I can't say why it didn't unlock for you unfortunately.

One other person has encountered this as well. It must be a bug. I tend to wait til 20 seconds and then go, but I doubt that would have been the issue.

I've encountered a few bugs in this as well as others. Some have gotten upgraded cars from head-to-heads and not gotten the achievement while others have.

It seems like this whole mode is a bit buggy and hopefully it will be a delayed unlock so you don't have to do it again. If it's not, hopefully it will unlock for you the second time round. Sorry I can't be anymore help than that.
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 10:48
The Manic MoosexDAKx - when I did both pacifist and heads up in the same match but didn't unlock either, I hadn't left the circle before the timer ended so I don't think it has anything to do with that. Unfortunately some achievements are just buggy. The pacifist unlocked when I re-did it later that evening but haven't been successful in winning again to try the heads up yet.
Posted by The Manic Moose on 13 Dec 19 at 11:35
xDAKx@ The Manic Moose Thanks for letting me know. It guess it's gonna be hit and miss for people until the bugs are irons out.
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 11:38
Yeah just got it with a lvl 2 car i won from someone challenging me from a head to head. So yeah its buggy and can be done from cars won.
Posted on 13 Dec 19 at 11:45
xDAKxThanks for confirmation
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 11:46
RecovskiWell that desciption already says ".. without aquiring any car drops". Dunno whats this discussion here. Head to head races are not car drops.
Posted by Recovski on 13 Dec 19 at 13:30
xDAKx@ Recovski Yeah I know but I wasn't sure because when you win a head-to-head and accept a new car, it's the exact same car drop animation. I wasn't 100% sure if it was classed as a car drop or not. But now we know it's not one so it's all good.
Posted by xDAKx on 13 Dec 19 at 13:49
EinarNWorst achievement to date 😔, makes "back of the pack" look easy 😄.
Posted by EinarN on 13 Dec 19 at 15:58
SavlarSKI won a game using a car I won in head-to-head, but the achievement didn't pop. I later won a game using level 1 car and I still didn't unlock it. After I restarted the game it finally popped, so this is definitely buggy.
Posted by SavlarSK on 13 Dec 19 at 17:05
A 0 E MonkeyI just got this, I did the tactic of hiding and ended up winning in the mini. I'll start off by saying, if I can do this, anyone can. I'm not good at racing games, especially not in multiplayer. It's definitely more luck than anything.

The trick I found was to find a good hiding spot, not just near the edge of the circle. I looked for large obstacles that people would drive past as they were heading towards the centre. I'm talking things like large buildings, small hills etc. Then, hide in a bush on the inner side of the obstacle, people don't tend to look back. The finale is really a case of just betting on a direction and going for it, I left around 17 seconds still on the timer and level 9 cars didn't even come into view. I did 3 finales before I guessed on the right direction.
Posted by A 0 E Monkey on 13 Dec 19 at 17:14
EinarNI finally unlocked it.
Beat the other car by a thousands of a second or less :) (see video).
I did use the cars I won from head-to-head races, also started racing out of the circle as soon as possible.
Posted by EinarN on 13 Dec 19 at 22:51
NoHeroes94I finished 4th with a Level 1 car. End me cry
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 13 Dec 19 at 23:04
A 0 E Monkey@NoHeroes94 I got 3rd and 2nd in my mini before I got my 1st so keep going and you'll get it. If you can get 4th, you can get 1st! :)
Posted by A 0 E Monkey on 13 Dec 19 at 23:08
NoHeroes94UPDATE: Can corroborate SavlarSK's claim. It unlocked, 5 minutes later, after restarting the game (during the always very long loading in sequence). If you get this, but it doesn't pop wait for the next game to start searching, quit to dashboard, and re-load the game!

I just won from upgrading a car via a H2H ONLY, but not picking up one from any other means. No achievement FFS.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 13 Dec 19 at 23:19
ScorchPSOGot it from using level 1 mini. Your tips were perfect. I got seen when there was only 14 people left but I managed to gun it through some trees and the sportier higher level cars couldnt keep up off road. I guessed a north direction and just gunned it when there was 20 seconds left. I made some bad choices and went through some water and crashd into a tree which slowed me down but I managed to pick it up and win. I think the second car was maybe 10 seconds behind me at this point due to my mistakes, Thank god this is done.

This solution gave me confidence it could be done, I was all but reserved this game would never be completed for me again after yesterday but damn. Now just the grindier stuff to go.
Posted by ScorchPSO on 13 Dec 19 at 23:41
OrchiiGreat tips guys, got it :D Final circle near the Eliminator icon on the map, and the final point of the race in the Edinburgh.
Posted by Orchii on 14 Dec 19 at 00:48
Wylaf BeulbeDAK you mad lad this worked on my first attempt, I can guarantee that if you get to the last 12 and are hidden just outside the circle look toward the middle of the map and the finish line will be around it, managed to get 2 wins, 1 with the mini and one with a lvl 5 car.
Posted by Wylaf Beulbe on 14 Dec 19 at 02:20
FireWheels58Yet to be able to do it, but the guide has worked to win the eliminator. Now just to keep trying to hope it works for this too. One time I thought it'd go south but instead went east, to the south of Edinburgh I think
Posted by FireWheels58 on 14 Dec 19 at 02:56
Fuzzmeister JHeart is beating like crazy. I won with a starting car on my 2nd match! I got pacifist on the first game but drove the wrong direction. Now to grind drops and wins
Posted by Fuzzmeister J on 14 Dec 19 at 03:26
HomelyBumRocketEchoing what a few others said, I won in the Mini and restarted the game. Achievement popped when the game loaded.
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 14 Dec 19 at 03:42
NoHeroes94What is absolutely critical is that you always know after there around 15-20 left how to get to the centre quickly. As soon as you get to 12, leg it roughly towards the centre of the map irrespective of the storm! A lot of people don't do this, and hover around the circle! Go INTO the storm. You won't die in the 30 seconds countdown. The end of the final showdown is more often in the middle of the map, and twice now I've won without anyone close to me doing this as I've accumulated a massive head start.
Posted by NoHeroes94 on 14 Dec 19 at 10:19
Chris8875Can I just say this is an absolutely superb solution.

I decided to use this method after mucking around for a few games. Hid in the woods with a Mini and came 7th in my first attempt - simply didn't get enough of a head start but was within a few hundred metres of the winner. Got the Pacifist achievement though

Second attempt - eliminated a level 5 car in my Mini after he stuffed up a winning lead in a head to head. Took his Level 5 Ram, waited right near the edge of the last circle and then just took off following the instructions above.

I was well ahead of every single competitor bar one, who was in a Level 4 car that I easily outran to the finish line.

Just for the hell of it, I played again, followed the same method and won in a Level 3 car.

No one moves outside the circle before the final sprint begins. Doing so gives you a huge advantage.

Massive thumbs up to this solution.
Posted by Chris8875 on 14 Dec 19 at 11:50
roolf92shet, I was 2nd 2 times... maybe third time's a charm
Posted by roolf92 on 14 Dec 19 at 16:25
TheGillesMullerSame here in regards to it unlocking only after relaunching the game.

But I still don't have Pacifist despite doing this achievement in the Mini.

Buggy piece of shit.
Posted by TheGillesMuller on 14 Dec 19 at 16:55
HomelyBumRocketYou can also gun it out of the circle before the final countdown. The Final Showdown always begins with a 30 sec timer when there are twelve drivers remaining. If you haven't used up your Timeout meter yet, you can survive a couple minutes outside the zone. Just go when there are thirteen left for an even bigger head start (unless everyone mopes around and doesn't challenge each other for that last head-to-head, then you could be screwed lol)
Posted by HomelyBumRocket on 14 Dec 19 at 17:08
Kostja93I love you DAK!! THANK YOU!!
Posted by Kostja93 on 14 Dec 19 at 17:29
BeanpotterStill trying but don't get caught outside the elimination zone before the last zone so you can leave the final circle as soon as the last person is eliminated. I just left the circle with 25 seconds left and still had time to spare. Still got to guess the right direction though :(

Also, don't bother hiding, you still appear as a big pink circle on everyone's map, lol. Aim for somewhere furthest from any roads but it's pretty difficult as the last circle is so small.

EDIT: Got it with a level 5 car. Definitely easier if you can win 1 or 2 head to head races and upgrade your car. I also had to exit the game to Home, quit and restart to get it to pop.
Posted by Beanpotter on 14 Dec 19 at 17:47
FireWheels58Finally got it! Looked behind me and no one was on the mini map, it was just arrows. So not a single person knew a mini won
Posted by FireWheels58 on 14 Dec 19 at 18:10
SWYD1@HomelyBumRocket: Thanks for that, I would have never thought of that. I thought leaving the circle was game over. But in fact you have like 60 seconds time to leave and get away earlier than the others. So when it's down to 13 players, you just guess a direction and win with a big lead. You still have to guess right but it gives you a huge advantage. They will probably fix that in the future though.
Posted by SWYD1 on 14 Dec 19 at 21:50
nuxx auGot it in a Mini thanks to this solution! Only a minor thing to add from me - the final showdown actually has two requirements to start:

1. 12 (or less) players left
2. Safe area has closed in to the smallest circle

In my experience when the smallest circle has closed in normally there are still 13+ players left, but very rarely will it be in the other order where you get to 12 players left before the safe area has shrunk to the smallest circle. I was in one final showdown that started with only 7 players because a lot of players went out so early.

Like I said, it seems very rare (~10% at a guess), but could lead to confusion for some if their timeout expires when they are using this strategy and only following the number of players left to determine the point for making their move.
Posted by nuxx au on 15 Dec 19 at 05:51
FEVER T1MEGot the achievement from using the above methods. I was in a level 3 Lancer coming into the showdown with 12 players, and gunned it outside the boundary as soon as the announcer spoke. Luckily, I was heading in the correct direction to the finish and got a sizable lead from the rest of the pack. When I approached woodlands or rough terrain, I'd slow down and jerk the stick to control my car.

Some tips to point out:
· For those who didn't manage to pop the achievement or are worried about not unlocking it after meeting conditions can restart their consoles before starting the game to ensure it unlocks.
· Manual w/clutch is a great option for stick shift cars and will provide a boost to your car.
· Follow the GPS in sections with indestructible walls and forest areas
· You can upgrade your car another level and still unlock the achievement.
· When tailing an opponent during a race, stay behind them to avoid crashing into fences and driving into their tracks for momentum.
Posted by FEVER T1ME on 15 Dec 19 at 07:56
The Last FlightJust unlocked it with the level 2 Ford F-150 Raptor. I bet on an Edinburgh finish point, went outside the circle as soon as 12 players were left, and lo and behold the finish was there. Since I knew full well that Edinburgh had loads of unbreakable objects, I got onto a road early and breezed my way to the end while everyone else ran into the city walls. It took me 27 tries before I got it.

I'll share my tips on how I got through this:
*Since I had the Pacifist achievement already, I started off by challenging someone to a head to head. The level 2 and level 3 cars are far better handling off-road terrain than the starter Mini.
*Once I got a better car, I stopped challenging people so I wouldn't risk getting eliminated early. I started going passive and hiding.
*While hiding, I kept watching my map and adjusting my position accordingly to the player arrows. I stayed off the roads, and most importantly, never stopped moving.
*When the circle reached its smallest size, players gravitated towards the edge, probably to try for a head start or to catch others doing so. This is why its important to keep moving, and use obstacles and terrain to evade anyone chasing you. If you sit still, you'll be a sitting duck when someone challenges you to a head to head.
*For the majority of my games, I kept betting on Edinburgh and positioned my car accordingly. I would say Edinburgh is a good bet if the circle is in the southeast or northwest areas of the map.

Now I usually generally don't play multiplayer and I hate battle royal modes with a passion. If someone like me can get it, you can get it too. Rip up that road and dirt!
Posted by The Last Flight on 15 Dec 19 at 09:52
dresinosGot it with the level 10 car.

I don't get any drop car but I won 5 head to head races in the match. I had luck that i found one with a level 10 car near the quarry and I won him with a level 5 car.
Posted by dresinos on 15 Dec 19 at 17:01
TBurningHunterFinally got this one as well. It’s an extremely frustrating achievement sadly.

I ended up winning a race against a level 7 Audi (giving me Underdog) and then got challenged by a level 3 to upgrade to a level 8 Audi. Both these victories honestly were luck based. In the first I was in the Mini and the second had a few bad crashes at the start (nighttime + buildings). Still, managed to make it to the final 12. Which is where the major luck comes into play.

I was fortunate that the match had cornered us into the southern village (near the windmill jump) and heading north was the safest bet, which finally worked. I managed to finally win despite Forza being Forza and having an airborne jump land me in a tree which had me fall through the floor. As you can image my heart nearly stopped since all I could do was wait to respawn.

Honestly, the hardest/most luck based part of this achievement is the final run. Despite having a 2/3 chance most of the time to get a general direction right, the game almost ALWAYS seemed to choose the opposite way I was going.

Not gonna lie. This one sucks... It’s hard, frustrating, and annoying when you consider very little of the game has been about multiplayer victories achievement-wise.

My advice: take plenty of breaks and don’t be afraid to work on other achievements if you feel like you’ve hit a wall. It’s possible, but don’t expect this to come easily unless you really understand Forza and racing. Which, considering I’ve never driven a car is not me.

Best of luck fellow achievement hunters!
Posted by TBurningHunter on 15 Dec 19 at 17:30
Elite MouseTook me 6 games after I started actively working on this achievement, I had a match where I was 4th, then 2nd, then got a win after a couple more fail matches. It was actually a lot of fun just going full on stealth mode trying to hide from everyone and survive as long as possible.

My win was literally bumper to bumper and I was doing my best to block him in with the mini and it actually worked pretty well.

Just adding another tip to the fray: as long as you stay under 10mph you can drive around slowly without popping up on the radar. Every little bit of extra positioning will help you so if there are cars really close you can slowly putt putt away from them.

Also if you are at the edge of the last circle ready to go and someone discovers you and tries to race ... just wait it out, the finish will be on the other side of the circle and a lot of the time you'll hit 12 players and start the final run before your opponent gets to the finish.
Posted by Elite Mouse on 16 Dec 19 at 06:10
Xterm1n8orI think I must have used up all my luck, I got this in my first ever game! I used your tips and won quite comfortably. Thanks
Posted by Xterm1n8or on 16 Dec 19 at 14:58
Sgt Lubasz12I think my achievement is bugged. I upgraded my car from head to head races, being a Lamborghini Urus and won a game but my achievement counter on Xbox is saying 50% and I didn't picked up any drops.
Posted by Sgt Lubasz12 on 16 Dec 19 at 21:37
xDAKx@ Sgt Lubasz12 if you completed the requirements then dashboard, quit and restart the game. That should unlock it. It's buggy like that and restarting the game should unlock it.
Posted by xDAKx on 17 Dec 19 at 04:50
Sgt Lubasz12xDAKx OMG it worked thank you mate ;)
Posted by Sgt Lubasz12 on 17 Dec 19 at 10:54
GhostWrexI don't know if they changed how hiding works, but I've been in spots far off the roads and nearly invisible and watched pink dots make a beeline for me, so I don't think there's really any reason to hide unless you like being easy pickings for those using the mini map
Posted by GhostWrex on 17 Dec 19 at 12:52
IINUMB3R44Lovely solution! The last zone was dead center of the map. I went towards edinburgh and the checkpoint was at the castle.
Left the zone at 25 secs left and won by a mile
Posted by IINUMB3R44 on 17 Dec 19 at 19:34
LeGagnanJust got this after 47 games of Eliminator. Finshed 2nd three times and in the final round like 20 times. It was a bit frustating but the tips from the solution helped a lot.
Posted by LeGagnan on 17 Dec 19 at 19:47
Unky KyWow. Incredible tips. Thanks TA community. Got this with the mini on my first opportunity. Started leaving the final circle with about 15 seconds left on the clock and beat a level ten car by a second.
Posted by Unky Ky on 18 Dec 19 at 03:08
T00 ExhaustedJust met the requirements for this by Upgrading, won and NOTHING happened. No achievement, absolute BS.
Posted by T00 Exhausted on 18 Dec 19 at 06:05
T00 ExhaustedQuick edit for ya, if you meet the requirements and it doesn't unlock close the game then do a hard reset, when you load into the world it should then pop... you may have already put that in your wall but I'm too lazy to read today.
Posted by T00 Exhausted on 18 Dec 19 at 06:13
GGS DubSt3pzManaged to do it twice already. First one with a lvl 7 car and second one was with a lvl 6 car just for fun cause the endzone was the same in a match i did before. Once i saw 12 Players left, i started driving in the same direction the goal was in latest match. The Goal got revealed and it was in the same spot, which i almost already reached by end of the final countdown. So i assume that each endzone has a specific final goal location. Cant 100% confirm it, as i never really payed attention to other endzone goals.
Posted by GGS DubSt3pz on 18 Dec 19 at 11:05
IBKJJI won with the level 1 and didn't got the achievement, neither after restarting the game :(
Posted by IBKJJ on 18 Dec 19 at 22:00
PRSxHeAdShOtI can confirm that the timer has already been patched. I think the timer now expires in three seconds outside of the zone. Now, the only way to get this achievement legitimately is to win head-to-head races and steal cars before the final countdown.
Posted by PRSxHeAdShOt on 19 Dec 19 at 17:49
ShadowclastCame to add the note that guessing the finishing point and setting off early has been patched. Not sure I'll ever be able to get this now and with 50+ player required lobbies I doubt it will be boastable even if the popularity of the mode dies
Posted by Shadowclast on 19 Dec 19 at 19:39
mike1809Has it actually been patched yet?
I've just loaded the game up and didn't get an update.
Posted by mike1809 on 19 Dec 19 at 19:47
MauricioLost07It was patched today 19/12/2019, now the damage in the last ring has increased.
Posted by MauricioLost07 on 19 Dec 19 at 19:52
ShadowclastCame to add the note that guessing the finishing point and setting off early has been patched. Not sure I'll ever be able to get this now and with 50+ player required lobbies I doubt it will be boastable even if the popularity of the mode dies

I've been second 4 times now, including one with the new rules, the bar fills quickly now, wouldn't even like to be out of bounds 2 seconds
Posted by Shadowclast on 19 Dec 19 at 19:54
mike1809Looks like I'll be playing it until I unlock all the other achievements and if I've not got it by then I won't bother.
Posted by mike1809 on 19 Dec 19 at 19:56
IBKJJShit, so yestreday I won with a mini and get glitched and didn't get the achievement and now it's patched and this is almost impossible to get... So great... angry
Posted by IBKJJ on 19 Dec 19 at 19:56
ShadowclastIts not impossible but you're position yourself well during the final area, have managed to upgrade your car to the middle levels

During that game I got 'Heads Up' I also got 'Underdog' I took someones Level 8 Audi R8 but I've won game since in the Mid-level 4x4s which are much more stable and if you have to start from low speed in a field have about the same top speed

Remember if you're racing to Ashbrook, its has a lot of none breakable walls
Posted by Shadowclast on 19 Dec 19 at 20:29
TheValiants1876I just did it in a level 2 golf. The only advice I can give is go the opposite way than everyone else in the final showdown and one time you will get lucky and it will give you a short race to the line
Posted by TheValiants1876 on 19 Dec 19 at 21:00
mike1809I've come close a few times tonight but it's time to give up now I think. I can't put into words how much I hate this mode and it really isn't worth the stress.
Posted by mike1809 on 19 Dec 19 at 22:08
terrett101Looks like our fun is coming to an end. Patch rolling out now -

"Significantly increased the damage to the players outside the Arena when it has shrunk to its final size."

Glad I managed to knock this out late last night.
Posted by terrett101 on 19 Dec 19 at 22:45
NaranekI would say doing this in the Mini (which I did 3 imes) is now going to be almost impossible. You will want to grab a better car and still try and predict where the finish line will appear.
Posted by Naranek on 19 Dec 19 at 23:03
HITOGlad I could take advantage of the old method as well and unlock the achievement. And I got it with the Galant VR-4, which manages to be even worse than the Mini somehow even though it's a level 2 car.

Today, after the update, I tried getting out of the safe area to predict the final destination with the Volvo, a level 3 car, and got eliminated in 5 seconds or less. Indeed, it's going to be real though if you're stuck with the Mini or any low-level car.
Posted by HITO on 20 Dec 19 at 01:57
Boernie247Passed this achievement 5 days ago but it didn't unlock. Won without any heads up in my starter car. Made a video and uploaded it.
Started the game today to see if they might have patched it yesterday, but nothing.
Hope the still work on that. Really don't wanna go for this achievement again.
Posted by Boernie247 on 20 Dec 19 at 10:19
BRANIAC1972Finally got it!! Lots of attempts on the pre-patch Eliminator, so had to adapt to the post-patch game. I am not the best at this game by any means so I won a few head to heads and got what I knew was a halfway decent car. It was a level 6 Subaru which I found to be good both on and off-road. Then I hid by being totally still and becoming invisible on the mini map, and checked the full map to see where I thought the final race would be heading. Once I decided/guessed I got close to the road I thought offered the most direct route to that area. Once the final countdown began I got on the road and waited until there were 3 seconds left before gunning it out of the circle. I had chosen the right direction but was in the middle of a forest so to start with I stuck to the roads and prayed I was well ahead(luckily, I was!). As soon as the trees were gone I went in a straight line to the finish as I was up on the tops by the wind farm. The finish point was in the middle of the mudkickers park and I was so nervous about flipping the car or going past the finish line so I took extra care. But I got there first with no one on my mini map! I am so happy now to be back up to 100%!!! Please, no more dlc....... I've had enough now! My heart can't take it!!
Posted by BRANIAC1972 on 23 Dec 19 at 08:05
MarsMacaothis achv may be buggy, i win the game with mini(LV1), don't unlock it.
Posted by MarsMacao on 24 Dec 19 at 03:22
supadryzDid this in the Mini, it can be done, I would suggest just hide until the end, guess the finish and hope for a little luck.
Posted by supadryz on 28 Dec 19 at 00:42
CoveringZebra43Me too. Done in a Mini.
Even in a far from perfect run. video since ca 1 min 40 playing
It really requires more luck than skill. roll
Posted by CoveringZebra43 on 31 Dec 19 at 15:32
mike1809Virtually impossible now. All this just goes to show how quickly they can put an update out when it suits. Anything else and we'd have been waiting weeks or even months for an update. There's even issues that have been with the game since launch which have still not been fixed.
Posted by mike1809 on 02 Jan 20 at 20:47
Tendoman77Just done it after getting very lucky with beating a lvl5 Dodge Ram with a lvl2 VW Golf in a extremely tight head-to-head, pretty much scraping each other at the end. Won the Final Showdown in the same match with the lvl6 Bowler S after getting a huge head start yet nearly having a Ferrari FF beating me in a awful forest section at the end.

Took me 11 games overall to get the hardest cheevos out of the way, not bad.
Posted by Tendoman77 on 08 Jan 20 at 03:06
VoicelessMidgetThank you so much for the guide, I’m in no way a great driver so this really helped. I highly recommend once getting into the final showdown to look at the map that the guide has provided, I found my route and aimed for the destination before anyone knew where it was, it was still close in the end but the other guys were going through forests when there was a perfectly good road that lead the way. Thanks again.
Posted by VoicelessMidget on 08 Jan 20 at 07:47
The Last FlightI was in orange during the round where I got the achievement and I have a screenshot of me finishing. I'm not really sure where exactly in Edinburgh this location is but I think it's the northeast part of the city. Now I got the achievement before the patch, but the endpoint location should be the same.
Posted by The Last Flight on 09 Jan 20 at 07:05

This is how I did it. I was kinda lucky tho. I recommend you not to upgrade to super cars and keep a rally car especially in the winter season. I started with mini, beat a lvl 5 ram rebel and took it, then beat another mini and upgraded to this Subaru rally car and remained hidden till the final showdown. Finally, I managed to beat the Lamborghini in the video as they were unlucky trying to cut through woods.
Posted by SPΛΙΝΤΞRCΞΛΛ on 09 Jan 20 at 09:03
naptimexThank you so much for the map and everything finally got this achievement and winning eliminatior at the same time :)
Posted by naptimex on 14 Jan 20 at 23:18
isi nineI just won in my mini and no achievement.. i restarted the game and nothing .. i restarted the console and still no achievement.. thats some bs!
Posted by isi nine on 15 Jan 20 at 09:01
Dokter VFor what I can remember, I had the "Lighthouse" as end-point from the ORANGE showdown at Stonehenge. So I think, the general direction is North(-East); either Edinburgh or the Lighthouse. Did not win unfortunately (still don't...)
Posted by Dokter V on 15 Jan 20 at 15:48
The Last FlightYeah, looks like each spot may have multiple endpoints. I was also watching random Eliminator videos on Youtube and I noticed that in a lot of the videos, the final circles were consistent with the spots on the map, but the finish lines were different.
Posted by The Last Flight on 16 Jan 20 at 04:34
o0EviIToaster0oShoutout to Dokter V for the comment that the Orange circle usually has the endpoint to the Northeast. It was at the beach for me below the lighthouse. I was using a level 4 Lancer and got a huge headstart at the final showdown and finished well before anyone else. toast
Posted by o0EviIToaster0o on 16 Jan 20 at 08:41
Boernie247Thank you so much for creating this map. Great work.
This was the motivation I needed to redo this achievement since it didn't unlock for me a few weeks ago.
The Eliminator is such a great game mode but this chevo made me hate it ...
Posted by Boernie247 on 16 Jan 20 at 20:36
MI1BURNThe map is a gift from God.
Having the knowledge to know which direction to go at the end is super helpful.
Posted by MI1BURN on 16 Jan 20 at 22:16
xDAKxAwesome, I'm glad the map is helping. I've updated it with 2 potential areas for orange based off the comments.
Posted by xDAKx on 18 Jan 20 at 10:54
CheshireMulishaFinally got this. Thanks for the map as that really helped at the end! We finished in zone 6 which is fairly central and knowing that the finish line was going to be East gave me a nice headstart over the field! (Also i timed my run perfect so i left the zone at full speed just as the count down ended)
Posted by CheshireMulisha on 21 Jan 20 at 20:14
CheshireMulishaJust finished another event where the final showdown was at Glen Rannoch (north of the railyard) and we finished at the wind farm more or less exactly where the eliminator icon is on the map.
Posted by CheshireMulisha on 22 Jan 20 at 19:41
lLeoOneBRThe map idea is great but here not seems accurate anymore. Anyone been through that too?
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 27 Jan 20 at 21:47
SPARTAN3Yeah same I just had spot 8 end up going the complete opposite way. It could just be too random to really map out. It was all coming together for me until the lady told me to turn around at the end. Hahaha
Posted by SPARTAN3 on 12 Feb 20 at 04:35
lLeoOneBRDone today with Mini lvl1. Pure luck haha. But that’s possible.
Posted by lLeoOneBR on 15 Feb 20 at 11:36
RAVENxSPEEDSTERThis is probably one of the most painful in the asses achievements I’m ever going for. I’ve gotten close several times but never won first time I got 2nd then 4th and most recently 11th place. But most of the time I get eliminated for some stupid reason on the way up to the last 10 or so. I hate these luck based achievements as these are the worst by far.
Posted by RAVENxSPEEDSTER on 07 Mar 20 at 21:03
Vex TwilleyI’ve only played 2 games, one getting caught out in the middle of nowhere because I didn’t know the line moved that quick and the 2nd time I got 2nd in the mini and the guy barely beat me by maybe a half second. I thought this would be an achievement I would never even attempt but after that finish on only my 2nd try it definitely seems doable
Posted by Vex Twilley on 11 Mar 20 at 15:46
FrendinAhhhhh I've had two 2nd place finishes now and both were really close! This is absolutely possible. I find the Quartz Regalia D to be a great car if you can manage to get your hands on it.
Posted by Frendin on 14 Mar 20 at 19:28
Vex Twilley@Frendin Yeah the Quartz is a great, uh, vehicle lol. It's pretty fast and does very well over any terrain. My tip to anyone going for this is to use the map to your advantage and find out where the circle is gonna be. Say, if the final showdown starts on the beach near Bamburgh castle, chances are that the finish line for the final race is gonna be West, Northwest or Southwest. So what I would do was to get a headstart by making sure I was going at a decent clip as soon as the countdown got down to 4 and exit the area and just start heading West and once the finish line pops up on your mini, adjust your course accordingly. It doesn't always happen that way 100% (more often than not it does) but if it does you could have a massive headstart and I won a couple of games in a level 2 car that way.
Posted by Vex Twilley on 14 Mar 20 at 19:40
mike1809Wow! They put one of the the finishing points in the motorway tunnel! I was first to the point on the map but as it was underground below me it didn't register and somebody else managed to get down there before me. I didn't think I could hate this stupid game mode any more than I already did.
Posted by mike1809 on 17 Mar 20 at 17:34
venksbondDelete this guide not helpful anymore. As arena shrinks this Point to Point(end point will be within arena circle) wont applicable. +1 down vote.
Posted by venksbond on 24 Mar 20 at 03:26
GIBBS59la carte n'est pas à jours
Posted by GIBBS59 on 25 Mar 20 at 12:36
Lily Mu RBWould anyone be willing to try and boost this? I’m thinking of maybe creating one giant session at a random low traffic hour where we can all hopefully join the Eliminator and we get mostly put together with ourselves
Posted by Lily Mu RB on 30 Mar 20 at 00:18
B4RN4RD5K1The map in this guide is no longer accurate. Needs updating, if possible, or at the very least removed. As SaP RaZzor said above, it's now near on impossible to get this achievement legitimately. I can only hope Turn 10 have a knock around of their heads and introduce a mode of Eliminator where there aren't any car drops available, as each time I have played, someone gets a level 8 car immediately and all hopes of getting this are gone. So stupid and this ruins the whole game for me.
Posted by B4RN4RD5K1 on 30 Mar 20 at 20:13
EurydaceI got 2nd by less than two seconds in a level 2 car, and I'd have won if I hadn't hit a building. It's very tough to win, and you'll probably almost always have no chance, but it is not impossible.

The map is still accurate, it's just that it doesn't have all the possible spawns. It's right about half the time, which is better odds than a random guess.

I am going to try making a session for this. Working together might make it easier.
Posted by Eurydace on 31 Mar 20 at 17:44
SaP RaZzorFINALLY , got it after 5times being 2nd..
Won 3 1vs1 and got a lvl 5 car, and there were only 6 people in the final race and everyone was at the different side of the circle as my and finally I had the luck that the finish was my way and won pff
Posted by SaP RaZzor on 31 Mar 20 at 19:22
MrNoLuckFoxHad Forza 100% until this damn achievement. I'm MrNoLuckFox for a reason and now I'm sad.

Talking 10-15 final showdowns now and can't nab it =/
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 04 Apr 20 at 20:15
x LUFC91 xJust got this after 4 hours of trying, nearly got the achievement for playing 50 games whilst i was trying for it! i can confirm that you can take your opponents car (right on d-pad) or "upgrade" yours to the next level (left on d-pad) and still get the achievement, i might get back to 100% on this game after all :-D
Posted by x LUFC91 x on 11 Apr 20 at 15:01
CauseIt's so frustrating coming in second angry
Posted by Cause on 13 Apr 20 at 23:43
KameraThe biggest tips I can give to those reading the comments:
1. Play during off-peak hours
2. Don't be afraid of challenging opponents for upgrades (especially right before the Final Showdown).
Posted by Kamera on 15 Apr 20 at 19:44
T0per Harley2 times second today. Damn it :/
Posted by T0per Harley on 21 Apr 20 at 17:54
T0per Harleygot it finally. Entirely based on luck. I took a bet with an audi RS6 (level 5) & started before the final destination was shown. I went out of the circle 3s before the start of the final race. The finish lane was 3 km in front of me. I even crashed once with a black screen, I finished first though.
Posted by T0per Harley on 23 Apr 20 at 18:02
Vokul VeganBros..... I can't believe I just got this. I definitely think I got lucky because it only took around 10 games but the method I used seemed to work great and I just won my second game using it. I combined using "The Pacifist" strategy and what was used in this guide. All I did was confront everyone until I had a high level car, in my case a level 8 Ferrari FF. After I had a car I felt that could compete at the end I just chilled at the edge of the circle avoiding people. If any arrows showed up on my map I would drive in the opposite direction. The circle ended near the bottom right corner of the map so I thought the final showdown could only end one way, north! So one the countdown just got low enough I just gunned it, giving me a huge lead on everyone else. This was 100% based on luck and some decent driving. The biggest thing I can recommend is listen to your GPS talking to you before any head to head race, but more importantly during the final showdown, as she will tell you if you're going the wrong way and need to turn around. So, if she doesn't say anything your'e probably going the right way, just make sure you're on a road. It's not that bad, just stay persistent and you'll have this bad boy unlocked in no time. Other than that good luck and happy hunting.❤
Posted by Vokul Vegan on 27 Apr 20 at 03:55
Classic VinylzVery easy to obtain ive had 3 Ws in less than 10 games one of which was a lvl 2 gtr lol
Posted by Classic Vinylz on 29 Apr 20 at 05:18
Dr MartyI posted a new solution in case you guys want to double box or have friends help you with this. This worked on my second try.

P.S.: Screw Classic Vinylz, you can troll around elsewhere. If you're this great at this game, don't rub it into all our faces, who clearly are struggling with it.
Posted by Dr Marty on 09 May 20 at 23:41
KinectKid333Finally got it. Took 6 hours. Two 2nd places, one 3rd place, one 4th place, and a whole lot of anger, lol. In the game where I won there were only 5 people left during Final Showdown. I had a level 6 car but guessed the perfect right direction and everybody else was on the other side of the circle. Got a perfect 3 second head start outside the circle, too. My heart was beating so fast. When there was one mile left and everybody was still far behind me, I thought, "Come on game, no bullshit." and proceeded to run directly into a barn hidden by some breakable trees. Luckily I was far enough ahead that I still made it in time, but man, I would have been so mad. laugh
Posted by KinectKid333 on 16 May 20 at 02:51
IXxHotSaucexXIIf you have a friend playing it's quite easy to play with him and get from them a higher level car from a car drop. We queued up at the same time and got in the same game everytime. This way you can head-to-head race him and get his car easily without ever taking a car drop. This way you have an easier chance at winning.
Posted by IXxHotSaucexXI on 19 May 20 at 06:36
qManballinThe map was accurate as heck on my winning run!!! #7 ftw
Posted by qManballin on 07 Jun 20 at 22:39
BudgieK88Actually shaking like a leaf after getting this! That was nerve shredding! I'm a very average driver but got a bit lucky on head to heads and had a level 8 Merc in the final. Gunned it with 3 seconds left on route 4 and it was spot on, I won comfortably! Thanks so much for this guide, would give 10 upvotes if I could!
Posted by BudgieK88 on 15 Jun 20 at 21:42
Absohailit was quite challenging but after about 20 tries i decided to challenge every car. In 1 game I beat a level 7 car with a level 1 car but couldnt win because one guy left the circle with 5 seconds remaining. Overall, challenge every car you can find. The best way to win the races after getting a level 3-4 car is to stay near the edge of the map and keep driving. People will come to you for race. Most races take you away from the edge of the circle and to the center so people coming to challenge you will be facing the wrong direction and in some speed. Once you see them coming near you, drive in their direction and challenge them and 99% of the time you will get a huge boost. I used this to win against a lvl 6(was lvl 3) and a lvl 8 car in the same match. The map above helped a lot. I however left the circle with roughly 4 seconds remaining and that, along with the map, proved to be the deciding factor.
Posted by Absohail on 24 Jun 20 at 08:34
AbsohailA few final showdown locations not on the above map:

1) Final circle was on the right side of the "smaller circle 13". The showdown finish line was towards "Arthur's Seat". Another time when it was near the right of small circle 13 it ended up somewhere north of the city area.

2) Final circle was around/near the "Express Railyard" and the finish line was directly south somewhere between "MoorHead Wind Farm" and "Mudkicker's Adventure Park".

3)Final cricle was below the "big circle 10" and in between the "smaller circles 1,8,6". The finish line was somewhere towards "Lakehurst forest".

These are approx locations. Hope it helps people.
Posted by Absohail on 24 Jun 20 at 08:43
folds2008Maybe I am the only one, don't try and do this in Winter, worst month to do Eliminator stuff in
Posted by folds2008 on 22 Jul 20 at 05:43
Great guide. I beat a guy in a Bugatti and then lined myself up towards the final point. No one stood a chance.
Posted on 28 Jul 20 at 03:09
mike1809Just done it with the Mini, I can't believe it. Everyone was on the wrong side of the circle at the end which gave me a bit of a head start. Somebody in a Lamborghini passed me yards from the finish but crashed into a tree so I was very lucky.
Posted by mike1809 on 20 Aug 20 at 16:28
SpeedForce84Number 5 didn’t end near Edinburgh when I was just doing it, it ended near Derwent Forest
Posted by SpeedForce84 on 08 Sep 20 at 20:37
SpeedForce84Number 5 didn’t end near Edinburgh when I was just doing it, it ended near Derwent Forest
Posted by SpeedForce84 on 09 Sep 20 at 05:57
Dobermann XIt absolutely doesn’t help at all. Most of the path are wrong... because of this I’ve lost the only one that I could win because I have the Bugatti veyron, but I was on the exactly opposite side following your map... impossible to come back, even if was close because of the car. That means without this map I would have won.
Posted by Dobermann X on 15 Sep 20 at 22:52
MrFunkoPop996Most of these are incorrect. Could you take some time to look through and update please.
Posted by MrFunkoPop996 on 20 Sep 20 at 15:37
DB1I can’t even find a match for this game mode. F for my completion
Posted by DB1 on 24 Sep 20 at 19:45
CauliflaHow many cars/players needed to start this eliminator? I was thinking about starting it when Forza Motorsport is released that way this dlc is almost dead and double box it.
Posted by Caulifla on 24 Sep 20 at 22:00
DB1It’s actually not bad, I didn’t realise I hadn’t updated, so I was matching with other people who hadn’t updated. Finding games in under 2 mins now
Posted by DB1 on 25 Sep 20 at 15:49
x1001x PuppysJust a comment about your map, they have changed a lot of the ending areas and finale locations. Out of the 20ish times I reached the finale, only #7 seems to still be 100% accurate (I got this twice, and used it to win, so big thank you for it). The rest are slightly different, and I had at least 10 unique finales.
Posted by x1001x Puppys on 29 Sep 20 at 21:20
cSilentx1001x Puppys is right. The endings are all different now.
Posted by cSilent on 04 Oct 20 at 05:37
TJ EliminatorThis achievement is ridiculous. I’ve tried winning H2H and for some reason being in a fast car gets me more challenges so I’m eliminated. I’ve tried hiding and getting final showdown and I am in the lead but the faster cars just always get there first.
Posted by TJ Eliminator on 29 Oct 20 at 10:30
GrimaceTheGreyMy best tip to anyone struggling with this... be aggressive, and challenge cars. If you are in a lvl 3 and see a lol 6 or higher... screw it, try for it.

I have won a lot of head to heads because they screwed up, and I end up with their much nicer car. If you lose... screw it, get back in and try again.

If you can get yourself in a nice lol 7 or 8 car you have a great shot at winning. Try and guess where that finish line is on the final showdown and go for it.
Posted by GrimaceTheGrey on 04 Nov 20 at 02:23
Blue RadiumHead-to-heading your way up to around a rank 5-6 offroad vehicle, gauging the direction of the finish line based on the current circle, then getting a running start in that direction at full speed got me this pretty early on in the 50 games played grind. I ended up winning I think 6 Eliminators, mostly due to the latter part of the strategy. Something that's good offroad will beat most rank 10 vehicles, as long as it isn't one of the few final races that are a straight shot on the freeway. Heavily prioritize getting an offroad car, and avoiding non-offroad cars. Once in a rank 5 or higher offroad car, it's best to do laps around the far edge of the circle and avoid head-to-heads, as your odds of winning the final race are more-or-less maxed out - or at least there are extreme diminishing returns on pushing your luck. Three final race attempts with 30% odds of winning beats 1 attempt with 40% odds, by a whole lot. All that's needed beyond that is mediocre map knowledge to not run into a long impassable wall and the like, and decent tree dodging.
Posted by Blue Radium on 17 Nov 20 at 15:16
johnswang255I've been playing a few hours each day for about 8-10 days trying specifically for this achievement, and still haven't got it. I've been starting at the main festival lately because there's usually people who spawn there for me to immediately challenge so I can start leveling up right away. There's been 3 cases where I almost won the final race, but somehow manage to screw up or get passed at the VERY END every time and make me hate everything in the world. Today was the last straw though, as I won a level 10 Bugatti Veyron from a guy who luckily crashed, so I stayed on the outskirts until the end not trying to lose pre-maturely, then in the end I had the lead, made it literally (not exaggerating) 20-30 feet from the finish, then got completely hung up trying to fly over one of the concrete arch things at the entrance of one of the tunnels on the highway, and got passed by 2 people within a couple seconds. I was shaking, my heart was pounding, and I wanted to twist my controller in half and lunge it threw my TV. It's unhealthy for me to play this mode anymore under constant rage from inevitable failure. It's based so heavily on luck, that practice doesn't make better.
Posted by johnswang255 on 22 Nov 20 at 01:33
Jaggers UKWhat’s the population like for this mode now? Is it any easier?
Posted by Jaggers UK on 07 Dec 20 at 18:04
WapTackI dont think it has gotten easier. Im still doing a round from time to time trying to get it done, but there was never a lobby with less than 40 people at the start.
Posted by WapTack on 08 Dec 20 at 13:13
brayargAgreed it's still 40+ people, I actually got this today. I've only played 7 rounds of this as it's not my favourite. From those 7 attempts, I have 1st) once 2nd) twice. It's really not to hard, I think the key factors are, positioning, map knowledge. I did this in a level 1 mini, so any car is capable of pulling this off. In fact I like the mini as it can navigate through trees much easier than larger cars.
Posted by brayarg on 12 Dec 20 at 15:46
Who ever said this would be hard man I got the hardest ach on my 4th game lol I love it
Posted on 12 Dec 20 at 18:22
notoriousJMZNearly got it with the mini on my second attempt using your map as a guide. Messed up a corner and got stuck but ended up third
Posted by notoriousJMZ on 19 Dec 20 at 02:53
planchetflawI finally did this for a second time. (for whatever reason, it didn't unlock first time back when the dlc was released so I stopped playing it). Got 3 achievements in the one run. Level 10 car, beat opponent 5 lower, and this. And only got it by about a second because the finish was sneakily behind a building. Thankfully the other 2 peeps hit the building too. Argghh. I'm still shaking.

The absolute feeling of relief at being able to polish up 50 games and 100 pick ups without giving a hoot about racing. Best feeling ever.
Posted by planchetflaw on 19 Dec 20 at 03:00
Ridge ReapersStarted up first game of Eliminator today. Ended up winning with the Mini first try lol
Posted by Ridge Reapers on 22 Dec 20 at 04:45
WapTackI was also able to finally get this. Unless youre a super good driver you should really go for an agressive playstile to eliminate as many players as possible and of course gettin a better car. I ended up in the final showdown with a LV9 car and only 4 players left. Made this a whole lot easier.
Posted by WapTack on 27 Dec 20 at 17:29
MikeThirty3The picture with the Final location in the Showdown, helps me a lot. One try and the achievement was mine. Thanks
(Sry for my english )
Posted by MikeThirty3 on 03 Jan 21 at 11:28
planchetflawYour English was basically perfect. Much better than many native English speakers. Never be sorry for using and practicing a skill.
Posted by planchetflaw on 09 Jan 21 at 15:09
LukzillaXNice guide, a bit long, but thanks to it, got the 3 hardest achievements in Eliminator in a single run after a few attempts.
Posted by LukzillaX on 10 Jan 21 at 03:38
UnfurledEmu75This is all luck. I was nearly finishing with a level 3 car. A dumb with a veyron challenged me and he smashed with some houses. I got the achievement of level 10, winning eliminator and wining without drops
Posted by UnfurledEmu75 on 10 Jan 21 at 10:14
ElPolloLoco7u7COMPLETADO 15-01-21
Solo no tomes ningún carro que esta por el mapa, puedes desafiar a otros autos y tomar su carro pero no los del mapa.
Posted by ElPolloLoco7u7 on 15 Jan 21 at 14:52
WaggiesaurusRexManaged to accomplish this today. I had the quarry circle and I looked at the map and thought, screw it, if I’m gonna stand a chance at getting this I’ll head towards where the map says...and bingo, it was there. I got a huge head start and with about 800m to go a level 7 Porsche and a level 10 racing truck flew past me. I was in a poor level 2 Ford truck. I prayed they’d hit a tree in front of me and that must have been answered because they both hit trees at exactly the same time haha and I hauled ass to the finish line. Achievement Unlocked!
Posted by WaggiesaurusRex on 18 Jan 21 at 14:19
Hurricane MattThis achievement is way easier if you grab a friend and work together. Me and a buddy both got it within a couple tries by searching at the same time and having one person collect car drops and then give a decent car to the other person going for the achievement.
Posted by Hurricane Matt on 26 Jan 21 at 02:44
StumbowsI only have a couple of achievements left and I know this will be the very last one I obtain. Absolutely dreading trying to tackle this.
Posted by Stumbows on 08 Feb 21 at 04:36
PodcirFUCK whoever's responsible for this achievement at Playground Games!
Posted by Podcir on 13 Feb 21 at 02:22
DJBringaIt took me 41 tries, but I've finally won this. It was an absolute nightmare, but it is absolutely possible. Just win head to heads and hope you get lucky with a good location for the final race
Posted by DJBringa on 14 Feb 21 at 22:59
muszmusz40But how can I change the car I’m starting with? I’ve bought a 10 tier Lambo and a hoonigan, however still only the Mini shows up…
Posted by muszmusz40 on 22 Feb 21 at 16:38
Mr DopeGamingFrom my understanding you cannot change your starting car as everyone starts out on the same level. It is a battle royale, it wouldn't be fair if you could start with a Level 10.
Posted by Mr DopeGaming on 22 Feb 21 at 17:22
PodcirRemove those spoiler warnings, dude.. There's nothing to spoil in a racing game...
Posted by Podcir on 22 Feb 21 at 21:07
I ima Pokemon IEvery eliminator I’ve managed to reach final round, none of the final locations are on the map above, not sure if they have updated it and changed locations. I haven’t had one of those areas on that map
Posted by I ima Pokemon I on 26 Feb 21 at 13:44
Hercules SR117Just wanted to say I looked at your map. Got number 10. It was perfectly accurate, which was lucky because I was in a level 2 car. I had a massive lead on everyone else and just won it. Thank you.
Posted by Hercules SR117 on 02 Mar 21 at 07:17
Louie SereneThis achievement is pure BULLSHIT
Posted by Louie Serene on 07 Mar 21 at 21:07
IAmSAMU3LxI literally twice have got up to a level 9/10 car without drops and then they just win the final race before I can even get near the finish line. I lost yesterday by literally a nose length! So frustrating! Also, whenever I challenge anyone it always gives them the advantage of having the finish line in the direction they are driving, never in my direction.
Posted by IAmSAMU3Lx on 08 Mar 21 at 12:57
IAmSAMU3LxI did it guys! So how I did it was luckily I got into a game with only 9 players so I just sat back in the mini and the final race was between just me and one other person. I followed the map from the top of this thread and beat him in the mini quite comfortably. Glad to get this one out the way.
Posted by IAmSAMU3Lx on 12 Mar 21 at 13:35
RedSharkCongratulations IAmSAMU3Lx!! clap You gave me faith this can be done :-) I'll keep trying
Posted by RedShark on 12 Mar 21 at 16:50
MrNoLuckFoxI have never been so angry at an achievement in my life. I legitimately and tempted to uninstall this fabulous game due to this aggravating achieve.
I've probably played 30 games, and like, I'm decent at racing. Probably final ring 28 of those times. And of those. OH I DONT KNOW. Second and Third place, 20 of them. And always get shut out to some just stupidity.

I am the NoLuckFox for a reason. And it shines right here. I can't do it. I'm over this stupid achievement.
Posted by MrNoLuckFox on 20 Mar 21 at 20:24
I ima Pokemon II did it!!! I finally did it!! In the mini also!! After 49 matches!!!!!
My only advice is to play late at night as you only get put up against roughly 10-15 people! Good luck everyone, persistence is key! And a lot of damn luck!
Posted by I ima Pokemon I on 28 Mar 21 at 01:36
IconoclasticGod@NoLuckFox - Lol! Love a good rage comment. We all know your pain... Ya just gotta persist. Eventually luck will be in your favor. I ended up getting it after **54 attempts**. - My tip for everyone: stay on the perimeter of the circle and only challenge people that are heading straight for you from the inside. Finding a road on the perimeter leading inwards is even better. The finish point is always in the circle somewhere so you get the instant directional advantage. You can beat cars that are way higher a level than you so long as you don't hit unbreakables.
Posted by IconoclasticGod on 07 Apr 21 at 03:55
WwauI got incredibly lucky, a level 9 Camaro just stopped by the finish line and let me win and the final zone was behind me I was at the horizon festival and the final zone was at the beginning of the M68 such a lucky encounter!!! PATIENCE and you’ll get there if you’re struggling
Posted by Wwau on 12 Apr 21 at 18:25
XaevFox1Got this on my 27th match but used a slightly different strategy and just went full on aggression the entire time. I was seeking out and challenging any person that I came across, regardless of their car rank - knowing full well that I would lose a lot of these matchups - but that this would allow me to quickly hop right into the next game and try again.

Eventually my 'plan' paid off and I edged a win versus a level 6 car with my Mini after he messed up during our race several times. Continued the aggression and had a level 10 Hoonigan by the final showdown. Got to the final checkpoint first and it wasn't even close!

#1 of 46 sure felt good. :D
Posted by XaevFox1 on 15 Apr 21 at 01:45
BlindBanjo88I got this in the mini on my second try if you can actually believe that. I stayed away from people the whole game and used my superior tree-dodging skills to win the finale. My heart rate was 140 btw.
Posted by BlindBanjo88 on 19 Apr 21 at 02:02
h senghhh 96This achievement definitely require patients, a little bit of luck but a lot of patience. I recommend taking frequent breaks, don't focus on winning. The more you think about winning the easier it is to make mistakes. Also, I found it a lot easier to win head-to-heads on the weekends. Maybe it due to a lot of younger players be allowed to play. So if you're struggling to beat players try that. I don't even know how many games I came close to winning all for a high level player to fly right past me.
Posted by h senghhh 96 on 20 Apr 21 at 00:40
Becker SWEPatience? Been trying for 2-3months now. This is by FAR(!!!) the hardest achievement I've tried to aquire, this far.
Still haven't popped it.
Connection issues=loading times up to even as far as to 30mins, I'm not joking.

And when finally joined just to be eliminated among first bunch. Best today have been a 6th place(happened once). Rest is 30+... Feels like I'm joining servers from another universe;
Even so bad that one of my opponents honked their horn to start a race and had about 500-1000meters headstart due to lag.
Even got question why I didn't raced that time...

So this will be done with boosting by me, because I'm fed up with this piece of shit achievement;
Could've finished off FH2 during all the time I've put up to "Crapinator"-mode.
Posted by Becker SWE on 13 May 21 at 21:27
Major RumcajsI thinkk, now is the best time, to get this achievement. I started play this dlc first in may. There were sessions about 46 - 60 players. This week (17th - 23th may) I played 20 sessions with less players - average 5 players.

How do I get this achievement? I started in session with 6 players and played aggressively from the scratch. Just search for other players and challenge them.

1st challenge - Audi RS6 '03 against me in Mini
2s challenge - Audi RS6 '03 against me in same car
Then I pick up Bowler EXR from winning second challenge. I just kept looking for last player in Porsche 959, but I couldn't find him. Then I hid in the forest near the edge of circle, opened map and tried to guess the location of finish line, before the last race started. When the countdowns showed 2s second, I was already behind the borders and race to finish line. I drove very carefully through the forest, tried to avoid threes. Last part of race was on windfarm, I just kept full throttle.

It took me about 20 attempts to get this achievement. I definitely recommend using SUV/Offroad cars. I didn't have luck with hypercars.
Posted by Major Rumcajs on 23 May 21 at 20:46
AcTive PuNtChThe map still works.
Posted by AcTive PuNtCh on 20 Jun 21 at 20:04
Miko ohne HoseSoo.. can you get cars via head-to-heads or not?
Is it patched or not? This guide is informative but kind of a mess
Posted by Miko ohne Hose on 10 Jul 21 at 18:53
Master OkojoI took an approach of challenging players super early in the game and often. By staying near the edge, I was able to guess the direction most of the time. I won 5 head-to-head races and got a level 7 car. I took a guess on the final showdown, and almost everyone else went the opposite direction except one level 5 car. I won. I got the achievement.

This was my 43rd game of eliminator over all (though not my 43rd specifically trying for this achievement). I got close a couple other times with 2nd places in level 9/10 cars after lucky head-to-heads, but unlucky showdowns. My games all had 30-60 players at the start.
Posted by Master Okojo on 13 Jul 21 at 05:43
SrXimoI got the achievement without even attempting it due to a network issue.

I was like 30 seconds into a match, still with the initial car, when something happened to the wifi or the server and I got disconnected. Probably the game thought all the other players had left the game and gave me the achievement. It didn't give me the achievement "Survive until the Final Showdown in a Level 1 car." because there was no showdown.

If someone is desperate to get this achievement they can try messing with the network during a match to see if they can reproduce the issue. Not sure what exactly happened to me.
Posted by SrXimo on 19 Jul 21 at 21:11
TheHuggyBear89By no car drops does this achievement mean to win the Eliminator with the Lvl 1 Mini and avoid car drop points or can you challenge others and pick up cars from h2h races and win that way??
Posted by TheHuggyBear89 on 07 Aug 21 at 10:17
TOKAREV FLThis was by far the hardest achievement in the game, to obtain it is just pure luck. what I did was play super late at night where I managed to get in a lobby with 10 players. I then got super lucky and went head-to-head with a level 7 car vs my level 1 mini and somehow won (he probably hit a tree). Once the final circle came around I was against 4 other players and again I got super lucky and guessed the direction of the final destination and managed to win. I think I woke up my girlfriend cause I screamed when I got the achievement because it took me over 40+ games to get this.

As an FYI for anyone going for this chevo, the map provided here seems to be outdated. I think the locations on the map corresponded maybe 2 or 3 times out of my 40+ games. So I wouldn't rely heavily on the map

And to answer @TheHuggyBear89 above yes you can challenge other players and take their cars but you cannot pick p the car drops that are marked with purple smoke.
Posted by TOKAREV FL on 11 Aug 21 at 20:52
CortanaramaJust had a lvl 9 with 8 drivers left challenge an 8 takes us 800m over slightly bumpy hills, my car veers all over after every hill he straight shots it no problem. What a joke achievement. Can have a lvl 7 opponent in first 30 seconds and all it comes down to is who hits less trees smh
Posted by Cortanarama on 14 Aug 21 at 06:39
RaptureSirPrizeThe salt in the comment section. Its not that hard just play the game well. No shortcuts.
Posted by RaptureSirPrize on 01 Sep 21 at 21:26
Skunk100+ Games later and nothing, pure luck BS!
Posted by Skunk on 04 Sep 21 at 14:11
GLORYtoMANUTDI can confirm that 10 on the map works. Finally got this one!
Posted by GLORYtoMANUTD on 09 Sep 21 at 03:56
DeadRisingBullyThe Eliminator is back in FH5! We can only hope there's no achievement like this! I got this one in February of last year and it took me less than a week.
Posted by DeadRisingBully on 13 Sep 21 at 00:32
MeshabbaThis map saved me, thanks a lot!
Got the achievement driving a level 4 Ford Focus through the forest.
Posted by Meshabba on 05 Oct 21 at 12:22
RAVENxSPEEDSTERThis has to be the single worst multiplayer related achievement I ever earned and was able to get seriously lucky on my third and final win.
Posted by RAVENxSPEEDSTER on 06 Oct 21 at 03:13
Howler19I finally got this one and I did it with the Mini. Here's why: In the final showdown you will likely double your chances if you have a 6+ car. The thing is though, that you will see 5-10 times as many final showdowns with the mini if you just hide from the start instead of doing five head-to-heads every session, which no matter how good of a driver you are, will make it unlikely that you're going to reach the final showdown at all. So play the odds by hiding with the Mini and then take a chance in one direction in the final showdown. You will fail a few times, but it should get you there eventually.
Posted by Howler19 on 07 Oct 21 at 01:58
KILLANEYROCKSThis achievement is a real pain to get total bs not really fun like a games sopose to be I hstd the fact they adding this stupid thing to FH5
Posted by KILLANEYROCKS on 19 Oct 21 at 20:23
VonnalushiThe map. The map was what gave me a huge head start and victory with a level 4.
Posted by Vonnalushi on 05 Nov 21 at 02:22
BadTrianglePlaying late night (1am or later est) during the week cuts down the lobby size significantly. Started with 9-10 people, final ring was me in the mini and a guy in a level 7. I used the emotes mentioned in the underdog guide and I don't know if he let me win it just hit a building but I managed to coast to a win.
Posted by BadTriangle on 19 Nov 21 at 07:36
Team BretherPlaying at present means about 20-30 people playing max because everyone is on FH 5...played numerous games tonight and final showdowns have been between 2 and 6 people, the later GMT it is the better
Posted by Team Brether on 24 Nov 21 at 00:52
Dobermann XEven with 3 players at final showdown, when you’re in a lvl 1 car and everyone has a lvl 10 it’s impossible unless they are all stupid. Worst game mode ever + worst achievement. It’s the last one I need, this game is taking t’aime place on my drive just for this.
Posted by Dobermann X on 24 Dec 21 at 00:38
Robot 3xpertHas to be the most soul destroying achievement I have encountered so far.... Can get 2nd place so many times even sometimes with the Mini I start with but there is always some other faster driver who nabs it a second before me. Such a pile of sh*t angry roll
Posted by Robot 3xpert on 29 Dec 21 at 18:21
Dobermann XFinally got it, found a game while no-one is playing, we were 4 at start, then 3, sent 2 messages to the two people remaining asking if they can let me win with the mini. One of them left the game, the other one tried to f*** me, hopefully he was in a mini too and did a mistake at the end of the course one second before the end. So i beated him and got this stupid achievement. I'm done. Good luck everybody!
Posted by Dobermann X on 30 Dec 21 at 23:06
SummerSauce1580Managed to do this my 2nd race. First race ended up messing up and hitting a tree at the end of a head to head and the 2nd race I managed to take a route no one else took and ended up winning.
Posted by SummerSauce1580 on 31 Dec 21 at 09:33
Jerome1234RWow.. i just got really lucky, i was the only one loaded in LOL as soon as it started it finished and i got the achievement
Posted by Jerome1234R on 19 Apr at 19:23
SoniMailOMG, I'ven't been so annoyed in a long time. This achieve is dumb AF!!
Even when I get luck I get unlucky. Managed to get a lvl 6 fast, but in the second ring lost to a lvl 10 u.u
Posted by SoniMail on 27 Apr at 15:29
yossarianoI got this when winning my first eliminator game after a chap very kindly gifted me the victory on final showdown. However I HAD grabbed car drops prior to this, I was in a level 4 and he was in a level 10. Heads up popped when it shouldn't but the beating a car 5 levels above you didn't.

Glitchy! But not complaining.
Posted by yossariano on 03 Jun at 13:47
KGI KlikoNL@Yossariano, the beat 5 level ones are not linked to the Final, but the Head-to-Heads before the Final.
Posted by KGI KlikoNL on 06 Jul at 21:16
dooperrrwondering if anyone wants to try to get this achievement as a group. if your interested msg me GT: PooperDooperYT
Posted by dooperrr on 15 Jul at 03:53