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The Inhuman Achievement

Complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert

The Inhuman Achievement0
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23 Feb 2009
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A few points of advice:

- You really don't need to elbow strum the first note of the intro. Some people prefer it, but you have more than enough time to strum with your right hand, tap the first red and yellow notes with your left, and start tapping with your right on the first blue. Just keep practicing on Slow. You'll get it!

- If you're struggling to pass the solo, here's a star path that might help you. Ignite your star power right at the beginning of Herman's Solo, and it should end right before the next star phrase. This one and the next star phrase are pretty easy to nail (relative to the rest of the solo), so practice hitting those two sections. There's also a third SP phrase later on in the solo, if you can make it to that point. Then, wait till you're in the flashing red to use your SP, which will hopefully last you long enough to get to the GYO chord.

- After you pass the solo, you're not exactly home free; there's still the infamous "Red Snake" in So Far Away III. If you're in the red at this point, you might have trouble getting past it. But the best thing to do when you reach the Red Snake is just hold down the red fret and strum. You'll nail most of the red notes and should come out about even on the rock meter.

- If you can get past this point, you're probably okay to beat the song. Just watch out for the "You Rock" section right before the end. If you can nail the two SP phrases after the Red Snake, you might want to save it for this section.

In the end, it all comes down to practice, practice, practice. I spent many a frustrated hour failing at about 83%. Now, many months later, I can pass it pretty consistently. Just don't get too upset if you keep failing. Play onward! Your hard work will eventually pay off.
ScampfarmerI couldn't agree more with your first point. There's actually enough time, if you bring your right hand up really fast, to tap the first yellow with your right hand. I know because that's what I did before I read this guide. Also, I find it much easier to tap all of the red notes with my left middle finger and the rest with my right hand. That way you don't have use your pinkie on the orange notes (awkward if you ask me).
Posted by Scampfarmer on 16 Apr 10 at 11:45
A 0 UB3RLOZ3Rwhy does the achievement logos say it can be done in co op/versus it def can not
Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 15 Jun 12 at 15:54
DexterggggggggFor anyone who has this achievement, you are insane, one of the hardest ones I went for
Posted by Dextergggggggg on 11 Oct 12 at 11:50
x jjaldana 2 xI heard a story that very early copies of the game have the ability to unlock the achievement (as well as the star power one) with the no fail cheat on...

Basically certain copies of the game that are not updated will not disable achievement if cheats are being used

Take this with a grain of salt... as a friend of mine told me about this, and i haven't heard about this anywhere esle.
Posted by x jjaldana 2 x on 21 Jan 13 at 08:29
x jjaldana 2 xHe told me that he went to his gamestop and bought every copy of GH3 they had there.... and he tried every copy he bought until he got the right one.

of course he returned the copies after he was done :)
Posted by x jjaldana 2 x on 21 Jan 13 at 08:31
xs Silence sxThat is interesting. I kind of want one of those copies lol.
Posted by xs Silence sx on 23 Mar 13 at 03:50
My bro did this on this account. I can only do hard.
Posted on 13 Feb 15 at 21:22
TA SamAlthough I do not recommend this because it will hurt your hand, but I passed the intro one-handed. I use three fingers to do it one-handed. I don't use my pinky which some people like to do to hit the orange. Definitely not easy to do but a better alternative for me because I'm bad at tapping. Most of the rest of the song I can pass. I beat it on my second try with about 440K score
Posted by TA Sam on 03 Aug 15 at 05:14
PirS92Easier to play with a real guitars
Posted by PirS92 on 10 Apr 19 at 02:45