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Travel at over 35 mph (55 km/h) while playing a game

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17 Dec 2019 17 Dec 2019
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So as the other solution states you have to physically be moving 35 MPH + for this to work. So get a ride somewhere, hop on a bus, etc (dont dive and play laugh)

So the other solution is great but it didnt work for me. I am not sure if it has to do with it NOT being my primary phone. I tried using my other phone as hotspot and didnt work. I verified that both in settings of the phone location was on and Lunar Lander had permissions to location. I also checked in game and was on and still didnt work. I put an active sim card in the phone and still no luck. I opened the Windows Maps app and it prompted me about first time setup kinda to accept EULA type stuff. I went for another drive and it immediately popped. I am not sure if coincidental and just popped late but this is what finally did it for me.

Edit. I was going for the other travel based achievements and had put my sim card back in primary. So with phone on hotspot it worked without the active sim card.