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Ultimate Lightning Chain

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Ultimate Lightning Chain-0.1
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17 Dec 2019 28 Dec 2019
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This achievement is awarded for killing four enemies with one charged bolt from a sword.

Firstly, you can access scene select by pressing pause in-game, going to credits, and pressing cn_LSlcn_LSrcn_LBcn_RBcn_LSucn_LSucn_LSdcn_LSlcn_RBcn_A (Thanks to GrislyDin in the forums for the tip)

The best level to unlock this achievement is in Intermission Scene 23.

There are two good places to unlock this on this level.

The first location: Progress through the level as normal. As soon as you enter the third room, turn around and go back into the second room. Walk forward a few steps and you'll see 5 bats and a tornado bird (sorry, I'm not sure what else to call them). Charge your sword and hit four of them with one bolt. If you're not having luck here, try the next location.

The second location: Progress through the level until you get to the fourth room. Towards the end of the room, you'll come to a part where you have to defeat three tornado birds, do so and fully charge your sword and shoot it towards the floor to propel Audrey upwards. There are a ton of bats and a tornado bird approaching you. Charge your sword and hit four of them with one bolt. Pro Tip: If you've killed them all but haven't popped the achievement yet, DO NOT continue to the next room because it doesn't let you go back. Instead of restarting the level, go backwards to the third room, then re-load the fourth room again to respawn the enemies.

Once you successfully kill four enemies with one bolt (though it sometimes pops when you kill three), the achievement will pop.