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Halo: Reach: Find me in the club.

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19 Dec 2019 01 Jan 2020
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For the audio easter eggs, they are located in Club Errera. Continue through the mission until you get the notification to go to Club Errera. It will mention Hunters blocking the jamming device. Pay attention to where the hospital is located (this is the objective where you hsve to fight through Brutes going in and Jetpack Elites going out).

Fly over to Club Errera to activate it once it has become the objective, then turn around and fly to the hospital. On the mid level of the outer area of the hospital you should see a small courtyard-like ledge with two trees. Land on this ledge and look for a green switch on the wall and activated it. Get back into your Falcon and fly back to Club Errera.

Once you head inside the inner dance floor area will now be jumping with a Brute DJ playing music and Grunts poppin’ and lockin’ on the dance floor to pop HBOrg Special. If you didn't pop Front Page News when entering Club Errera on your initial run, it should pop now (it did for me). Once you’ve witnessed the DJ Brute and dancing Grunts, go back out to your Falcon and fly up to the rooftop of Club Errera. Activate yet another green switch on the wall beneath the air conditioning vents on the left side of the rooftop. Go back to the Falcon and fly back down to re-enter the club’s dance room. You should now hear Siege of Madrigal playing.

This solution will unlock the following 3 achievements:

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionFront Page NewsThe Front Page News achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 16 pointsHalo: Reach: Find me in the club.

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionHBOrg SpecialThe HBOrg Special achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 17 pointsHalo: Reach: Party with the DJ Brute.

Halo: The Master Chief CollectionPlay Us a Sad Song, ClaudeThe Play Us a Sad Song, Claude achievement in Halo: The Master Chief Collection worth 19 pointsHalo: Reach: Listen to a hidden music cue.

KanchanaburiI have tried several times and front page news achievement won't unlock. I even did it again from a new game save but still didn't work. This should be just a given when you enter but ?????????????
Posted by Kanchanaburi on 01 Feb 20 at 10:25
LifeExpectancyI think FPN might be glitchy. You might try looking on the top if the buildings near the mission start. One has news clippings in a smiley face layout. Theres a random youtube video about that newspaper easter egg.
Posted by LifeExpectancy on 01 Feb 20 at 13:41
CoolNerd08I got front page news achievement from just entering club errera in a normal play through the without triggering any Easter egg. I doubt this but it might have glitched because the last vehicle I was in was a banshee. Also was my final obj. One more thing, who is "me"?
Posted by CoolNerd08 on 02 Feb 20 at 03:19