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This works for any character but as with any game with heavy RNG you will die a lot before having a viable run. This guide also works well for all the miscellaneous achievements too.

To win you just need to find this red creature called Nikolai he can be on any floor but he has 999HP and hits like a truck. You have no chance of beating him without getting the buffs from books & chests but these can give you curses which basically end your run. The jewels protect you from getting the curses so thats why you need them but it is possible to win without them all.

Basic principles

Avoid combat by fleeing or using web then running, theres no xp or drops other than minimal gold so not worth it.

Don’t open any chest or books yet & don’t use the pool or eye gem thing.

Main priority is to find the lantern as this highlights the squares around you but finding it is all luck based, but through luck and use of flares you will stumble into it on a run eventually.

Once you find it continue to avoid combat and find all the gems.

Then start opening all the chests and reading all the books to get best equipment and buffs. Only thing that can go wrong is exploding chests.

So once above is done find a vendor and boost your stats as close to max for each depending on what values RNG has given you on the run through the books. High intel is a must 20-30 if your characters max stats allow it.

Find Nikolai cast web constantly and you should win before running out of INT if you reach your last point don’t use it as you will die just attack.

Hope that helps.
NL The DudeThank you for the guide toast
Posted by NL The Dude on 21 Dec 19 at 14:36
jnellettThis may be a stupid question, but how/why do I keep randomly losing strength when moving about and if so, how can I gain strength back? I keep dying by losing strength.
Posted by jnellett on 09 Apr 20 at 04:30
Lord MidasYou don’t just lose strength randomly. If you land in a square with a creature (you encounter a rat, it looks aggressive). When you move off the square you will notice that it can hit or miss you on that move. So you may have been losing strength because of that.
Posted by Lord Midas on 16 Jan at 00:45
DJ ZibbymanI think they fixed it. cuz I started the game with each character and no achievement
Posted by DJ Zibbyman on 17 Feb at 05:04
BedsideFrog6145yeah, they have totally changed this!!
Posted by BedsideFrog6145 on 25 Apr at 21:09