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Deponia Doomsday

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Deponia Doomsday
Deponia Doomsday

Reach almost 10000 fun points.

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21 Dec 2019
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You must do this before you break the computer.

Go to the fun zone. If you do the racing game last you can get 9999 points, if you don't do all 4 games you won't hit the target.

1. Play golf - line up the target on the line, then on the quarter circle to hit the ball off the platform
2. The pool - hammer cn_A to make bubbles
3. The ball pit - keep tossing balls until your score stops going up, then toss them at the kids to hit them
4. Finally, the racing game. You wanna spam cn_A to use the mushroom, but when it starts going down, alternate holding cn_A and pressing cn_A. You'll want like 8900 approx points before you crash, and then it should automatically go up to 9999.