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The Nuka-Cola Challenge

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The Nuka-Cola Challenge0
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You'll be wanting to look out for the Nuka-Cola Quantum bottles from the moment you start the game. There are well over a hundred of them, and you can find at least one pretty much everywhere you go. You will need 30 bottles of Nuka-Cola Quantum total. Keep an eye out for a purplish-blue glowing soda bottle wherever you go and make sure you don't use them or sell them. The girl who wants them lives in a two-house settlement in the southwest corner of the map.

A few locations where you can find multiple bottles:

- Nuka-Cola Machines - Every time you open one of these for the first time there's a random chance they'll have a Quantum in them.

- Eulogy's Pad in Paradise Falls - There are several stashed near the staircase in crates.

- Nuka-Cola Plant - located near the southern border of the map, near the center. There's a conveyor belt you can activate. You can get a few bottles from it before it breaks down.

- Nuka-Cola Truck south of Old Olney (northeast corner, east of Vault 92). There's an abandoned Nuka-Cola Truck with several bottles inside.

This a good achievement to work on while you're exploring for your 100 locations, 50 terminals, and 50 locks. Just check all the markers you run into on your map and search each location...most places have at least one terminal, lock, and Quantum.


When you come back with the bottles the man outside will try to buy them from you so he can get in god favor with the girl. Keep in mind here that you can only get the Nuka Cola Grenade schematic by giving them to the girl. Also, all 30 Quantums have to go to one NPC, meaning you can't give one 10 and the other 20 to complete the quest. Some people give the guy 29 and the girl 30 so that they can get a ton of caps but still get the schematic.

Broken Steel, the third DLC expansion for Fallout 3, has added another way to get this achievement. If you have at least a science skill of 70 when you hit level 22 or higher, you'll have access to the Quantum Mechanic perk. This perk allows you to turn 10 Nuka Colas into one Nuka Cola Quantum, thus speeding up your progress with this quest. It does not, however, work on the Ice Cold Nuka Colas that you get from your machine. You MUST have the Broken Steel expansion to raise your level above 20 and gain access to this perk.


If you already have 30 or more Nuka Cola Quantum bottles when you first meet the girl, don't give them all to her at once. ThrillaGnat has found that if you immediately give her all 30 in the initial dialogue she won't give you the grenade schematic, so make sure you end the dialogue and restart it before you give her all 30 bottles.
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SebastianSB oh crap lol...fixed!
Posted by SebastianSB on 08 Mar 09 at 21:27
SebastianSB Actually there's really no set number because there's a random chance for one to be in each vending machine.
Posted by SebastianSB on 23 Jun 09 at 04:54
Axel5314 I gave her the 2 I had with me. Then I stepped outside and talked to the man. If I decide to give him the others I find, do I only need to give him 28 or still 30 ?? Does anybody know this?
Posted by Axel5314 on 04 Aug 09 at 13:15
SebastianSB I just did some reading, and apparently they do not stack. Some people give 29 to the guy and 30 to the girl to get a ton of caps out of the deal. You have to give 30 to an individual NPC. Keep in mind that if you don't give the Quantums to the girl you won't get the schematic for the Nuka Cola Grenade. I hope this helps.
Posted by SebastianSB on 04 Aug 09 at 15:11
JediJohnny7 There's a 10% chance you'll find a quantum in a nuka cola machine. I found stashing the bottles I randomly find in a locker in your own house in Megaton if you have unlocked this option. This frees up space in your inventory and it will always be stored in your locker.
Posted by JediJohnny7 on 11 Nov 09 at 10:40
ThrillaGnat I Encountered a slight problem/glitch. I brought 30 Quantums with me to the initial encounter, because I waited till late in the game to get this quest/achievement. If you give all 30 Quantums to her out of that initial dialogue (dialogue option similar to "take all the Quantums I have"), i.e. right after your little tour, she takes the bottles, gives your caps and the quest is over, without getting the Nuka-Grenade least thats what happened with me. So I reloaded and found that If you end the dialogue after she asks you to find and bring her the Quantums and then immediately talk to her again, you'll see a dialogue option like "Here are the last ones", or something like that. I choose that diaoglue and everything worked. I got the caps, the quest completed and most importantly, the Nuka-Grenade schematics.
Posted by ThrillaGnat on 12 Dec 09 at 15:31
SebastianSB Nice find! I'll add it to the solution.
Posted by SebastianSB on 12 Dec 09 at 16:32
ChuckieJ There are several in the Supermart (in the locked storage room) near Megaton
Posted by ChuckieJ on 01 Jan 10 at 08:52
Drachen77 When you get bottles out of the machines, can you tell if you got quantums? Will it actually say "quantum"?
Posted by Drachen77 on 01 Jan 10 at 15:53
SebastianSB Yes, it will very clearly say "Quantum"
Posted by SebastianSB on 01 Jan 10 at 16:02
Drachen77 Great, thanks for the help. Excellent guide!
Posted by Drachen77 on 02 Jan 10 at 06:12
Drachen77 BTW, how many quantums do you normally get from the factory? I was only able to find 3. Seems like a lot of trouble just for 3.
Posted by Drachen77 on 05 Jan 10 at 02:41
SebastianSB Only a few. It's one of very few locations in the game that are guaranteed quantum locations so I included it.
Posted by SebastianSB on 05 Jan 10 at 03:30
kirst fenix she's located right on the corner of the map..?
Posted by kirst fenix on 04 Feb 10 at 11:08
SebastianSB Not at the exact point, but pretty close. Just follow the arrow that pops up on your compass to her location.
Posted by SebastianSB on 04 Feb 10 at 14:01
AussieGore You can get Warmonger if you didn't do this quest for the nuka grenade.
I'll have to get this in my second play through.
Posted by AussieGore on 11 Sep 10 at 11:05
Ellerkermike37 When is a good time to do this achievement?
Posted by Ellerkermike37 on 25 Oct 10 at 21:11
SebastianSB I'd say keep an eye out for any Nuka Cola Quantums you can find throughout your playthrough and then go hunting for them specifically toward the end of the game, hitting the areas I mentioned in my solution. Chances are you'll probably have a good number of them before you really start looking.
Posted by SebastianSB on 25 Oct 10 at 21:36
Wizard Flagg I want to confirm that you do not get the schematic if you give them to her right away without closing the dialogue box.
-13 Dec 2010
Posted by Wizard Flagg on 15 Dec 10 at 16:51
ACBlender Maybe you should add this in your solution : I found 3 in Super Duper Mart
Posted by ACBlender on 21 Dec 10 at 16:01
MrEDMeaner Wish I knew about this achievement before I sold about 6 quantums! Can you confirm that you can give them to her in batches, i.e. not all at once?
Posted by MrEDMeaner on 19 Mar 13 at 01:30
SebastianSB Frankly, this guide is so old that I have zero memory of anything involved.
Posted by SebastianSB on 20 Mar 13 at 04:14
DCM7734 I need to give her 30 of them? So I should be saving them instead of drinking them>
Posted by DCM7734 on 25 Nov 15 at 00:38
FiveWizz Good guide but wish it stated where to start the quest. Not sure how to start it.
Posted by FiveWizz on 13 Dec 15 at 19:40