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Master Pioneer

Found all of the target marks in every mission.

Master Pioneer+0.4
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Demogorgon XXDemogorgon XX230,941
24 Feb 2009 29 Jun 2015
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go to gaming then find lost planet.

to me this was the best way for finding the target markers, as it shows a pic of everyone of them and how to get them. Actually this was the only site I used.

credit to dmbledore for making an excellent guide

oh as someone pointed out you have to collect all target marks in every mission across all difficulties. So that means beating it on easy all coins, normal all coins, hard all coins, and extreme all coins. but you showed know that. the guide above will show you each and every spot for the coins. from easy to extreme.

also If you go through a mission and forget a target mark you can always go back and get that one you don't have to get the same ones again. Most likely you will have to replay some extreme missions. since some levels are so vast you won't be able to get all coins then beat the level. mostly missions 3, 8, 9, 11.
WeisGuy9The guides on this site are spectacular! Thanks for the solution and the link to the site!
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 15 Apr 09 at 14:27
You neglected to mention a very critical part of this achievement. It's not just collect all target marks in every mission, but every mission across all difficulties. So that means beating it on easy all coins, normal all coins, hard all coins, and extreme all coins.

So a little info on the achieve is better than just posting a link to something you didn't do and calling it help. you might as well just post a lmgtfy link and call it a day.
Posted on 26 May 09 at 22:56
Leo Ascendent^ geez, way to be critical, why didn't YOU make a guide then?

Nice info Demogorgon, I'll have to save this so when I go for this.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 15 Sep 09 at 19:21
HorZa IXExcellent site, really helping me get the achievements!
Posted by HorZa IX on 19 Oct 09 at 11:32
Kemar le OUFThanks for the site. Big help for find all coins.
Posted by Kemar le OUF on 28 Jan 10 at 12:22
Geo2911 xBBxCredit goes to dmbledore for this solution
Posted by Geo2911 xBBx on 07 Mar 10 at 17:44
MarioTooomg i think i will have to live with 950 in this game. no way i can stomach going through it 4 times.
Posted by MarioToo on 08 Mar 10 at 03:08
Oki Gatorso what does it take for the target mark to actually save? do you need to beat the whole level or just get to a checkpoint? i just want to make sure i waste as little time as possible once i hit extreme.
Posted by Oki Gator on 15 Jul 10 at 06:20
Posted by FedderTheGun on 20 Jul 10 at 23:23
perfectdozenWhat kind of BS is it that this achievement is 50 but Master Pioneer is 150? By definition this is harder than Master Pioneer because you have to go through the game on all difficulties at least once, probably multiple times, including Extreme. Wise up Capcom!!!
Posted by perfectdozen on 22 Nov 10 at 02:45
xXHe4vyHitt3rXxThank you for finding the site and posting it on here. It was one hundred percent the reason why I got through this. Thanks so much!!!!!
Posted by xXHe4vyHitt3rXx on 09 Jun 11 at 23:57
Posted by Th3Freak55 on 07 Sep 11 at 03:55
@Perfectdozen - Thats why TA was created :)
Posted on 06 Sep 12 at 21:35
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 02 Apr 13 at 10:04
SK DiabolicI got this achievement a few years ago, I highly recommend anybody still working on extreme to follow this written guide, you'll be prepared with so much T-eng at the end of most missions, making the boss battles a breeze, it also exploits a few checkpoints in the game where you can go back a collect more T-eng, most notably Mission 4.
Posted by SK Diabolic on 11 May 13 at 20:03
FrizbogDoes anyone know if you can get the target markers for different difficulties on different save devices and still get the achievement? For example, if I want to do hard and extreme in parallel (level 1 hard then level 1 extreme, level 2 hard then level 2 extreme, etc,), can I save my extreme game locally and my hard game on cloud or USB? Or do you have to find all the target markers on the same storage device? Does this make sense? Thanks
Posted by Frizbog on 23 May 13 at 15:56
SK Diabolic^ Go to the main menu settings for Missions, you'll see the target marks you've collected for each mission/difficulty, if Hard target marks are only showing on the Hard save file than and not both hard and extreme than you'll have to do them all the same storage.

I actually remember a guy who had played 99 matches on one storage device, than 1 on another device and didn't unlock the 100 matches played achievement.

All your stats on the new storage device save get reset if you notice; so that means Extreme mode probably won't even be unlocked, so it's best to do lot on one storage device/ save.
Posted by SK Diabolic on 24 May 13 at 20:33

You'll probably never read this but targets save at the end of the mission.
Posted on 26 Mar 15 at 05:35
troyoy4 play throughs? No wonder the ratio is so high. I will never get this cheeve but you get thumbs up for the good info and advice.
Posted by troyoy on 08 Jan 16 at 20:21
The S bot 9000Can't believe you have to go through the game 4 times for this achievementangry I wish I never rented it back when blockbuster was a thing.

Edit: Got this done. Honestly not as bad as it sounds imo. Extreme is the worst part and every other difficulty felt like a reward since you're good enough after the extreme run to stomp through them. Did Easy 1x to familiarize myself and then moved right into extreme.
Posted by The S bot 9000 on 28 May 20 at 05:32
Muddy GrundyForget that crap! LOL
Posted by Muddy Grundy on 14 Aug 20 at 04:26