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Open the unlockable door in Pasadena.

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04 Jan 2020 04 Jan 2020
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At the very beginning of the quest “back to Pasadena” when you spawn in the area head EAST.

Go through the collapsed building and right in front of you is a lone door not actually attached to anything.

Pick the lock, you must have level 3 lock picking as this is a hard lock, and open the door.

The achievement will pop after walking through it.
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Lil Spicy Guac To add onto this, make sure from the very start of the game, you focus on leveling up your Lockpicking skill. When I got to this part of the game, I was Level 13, so if you don't focus on leveling your Lockpicking, you may miss out on the opportunity to unlock this achievement.
Posted by Lil Spicy Guac on 08 Jan at 15:11