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A Galaxy Far, Far Away

Complete all of BD-1's holomaps

A Galaxy Far, Far Away-0.3
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04 Jan 2020
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This achievement requires you to fully explore each area on all planets. In your map the top left shows the percentage for the entire planet while each area has its own individual percentage (on the bottom left as you look at the different areas). Collecting all the secrets, chest, and force echos will help you explore each region but does not guarantee a 100% exploration. You don't need to collect any of the secrets, force echoes, chests, etc. to obtain the achievement. I have found a guide the shows the maps fully explored so that you can compare your maps to see what you are missing. Also, shows the locations of the various collectibles in each location.

All credit goes to the creator of this website. I didn't create this. I only happened to find it and thought it would be worth sharing.
lunyladQuestion, iv got 100% on the planet Bogano all areas also say 100% but if I walk over to abandoned workshop I can still scan a workbench, surely I already got the 100% and the tick box.

Do I have the 100% or dont I? If so walking all the way through the game to scan objects that already say I'm on 100% doesn't make sense.
Posted by lunylad on 22 Jan 20 at 21:21
Lavindathar@lunylad this has nothing to do with’s purely exploration.
Posted by Lavindathar on 28 Feb 20 at 20:04
VeuceI have 100% explored on all planets but still no achievement. Anyone else have this bug?
Posted by Veuce on 17 Mar 20 at 12:40
Tommy FerrariTomb of Eilram is glitched 96% for me. I have all of the collectibles (echoes, secrets, and chests), found the hidden meditation point in the windy platforming area, and turned on all of the wind switches in the ball puzzle room and it's still stuck at 96% for me.angry
Posted by Tommy Ferrari on 23 Mar 20 at 01:49
Goots 88Tomb of Miktrull is at 96% for me. I cant get back into the actual tomb area where the walls move back and forth? Anyone have any ideas?

GOT IT right after I posted. It was in plain sight after swinging across 2 vines. I thought it was a meditation spot but it was an echo sense.
Posted by Goots 88 on 01 May 20 at 14:17
Corwin613I have Weather Monument on Zeffo stuck at 95% is there a common area I could have missed? As far as I can tell I have uncovered all of the map, Nevermind on that it was a force thing I missed, now to finish Ice Caves last 8%
Posted by Corwin613 on 03 May 20 at 16:48
TrapTombstoneThere are plenty of YouTubers who posted what they were struggling with. Type in the map area name and the percentage you've completed and theres likely to be a video on it, provided you arent at like 43% or something.
Posted by TrapTombstone on 31 May 20 at 12:59
SoundgoodizerThis was my personal solution for Tomb of Eilram 96%, found in a youtube comment " it might be in the first puzzle room. basically, in the first wind puzzle room where you have to make the ball end up in the middle, you have to turn on every single vent in the room to make it discovered. for some reason, it doesn't count as being discovered when you first enter the room"
Posted by Soundgoodizer on 04 Jun 20 at 20:25
dan0wnzGod man what a dumb achievement, wish I knew about it from the start.
Posted by dan0wnz on 28 Nov 20 at 18:03
JanSH4DOWFor me it showed 100% for all planets and places but the achievement didn't unlock.
I checked all planets again and found one shortcut missing in Zeffo (right site of the ship next to the elevator in "ice caves"). I slided down and the achievement popped. I suggest to really check any missing, highlighted shortcut spots.
Posted by JanSH4DOW on 02 Jan at 17:32
Katarn StarKiLRMy dathomir is at 99% ...what am I missing?
Posted by Katarn StarKiLR on 07 Jan at 01:46
Posted by tweekfu on 14 Jan at 16:06
Goots 88^hahaha. Unnecessary, but hysterical.
Posted by Goots 88 yesterday at 19:08