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9 Lives

Win a 4-player match of Survival with at least 9 lives remaining.

9 Lives-0.5
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09 Jan 2020 10 Jan 2020
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Pick Free for all, Survival
Leave default settings but put lives at 12
Win the match with at least 9 lives remaining
See in video at 6:30

Achievement Walkthrough:

*With 4 controllers the other players need to be active*
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FDRWilson Team mode survival works as well and you can bring the AI down to normal difficulty. I also used a 2nd controller on the opposite team with my foot pressing against the thumb stick to be constantly moving them.
Posted by FDRWilson on 12 Jan at 00:50
Chunkeh Munkeh Couldn't do this against bots so ended up using the soul stone map and rotating the L sticka with my thumb, finger and forearm on the 3 controllers whilst killing them with my right hand on my main controller. Zero skills needed lol
Posted by Chunkeh Munkeh on 27 Feb at 20:51
allkore You don't even need to rotate the sticks. I just leaned something against them and it counted as movement even though they stopped moving in the direction the stick was pointing.
Posted by allkore on 28 Mar at 21:21