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Send Oculi to a friend.

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Facial La FleurFacial La Fleur1,148,022
13 Jan 2020 28 Feb 2020
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EDIT: As of mid-February 2020, the following method has seemingly ceased to work as described. It is unknown at this time what has changed to prevent it, but the "Sending Gift..." dialogue no longer pops up as before, it just goes straight to the notification of the servers being offline. I'll leave this solution up for now in case this is somehow only a temporary issue and people want to give it a try again later. If some months down the road it still isn't working, I'll delete it then. Sorry, everyone.

It's been recently discovered that this achievement is obtainable once again by utilizing a simple workaround to trick the game into believing you've successfully contacted the now closed Ubisoft servers.

There is no need to remove friends or block followers, as stated by the other solutions. Once you've played a short time, and have acquired some Oculi through looting a few chests, you're ready to begin. Follow the steps below exactly and you shouldn't have any problems unlocking this achievement.

1. Press the cn_start button and select Oculi from the options.
2. Choose any of the three equipment slots to see your available Oculi.
3. Highlight the Oculi you wish to give away and press cn_X to Gift it.
4. Choose a friend to send the chosen Oculi to and press cn_A to Confirm.
5. Be ready to pull your network cable from the back of your console and press cn_A to Confirm once again.
6. Immediately upon seeing the "Sending Gift..." dialogue box, pull the network cable and wait until the process completes.
7. On the next confirmation box, press cn_A once more to acknowledge your Oculi was sent.
8. Plug your network cable back in to your console and the achievement will unlock.

Per jGuiiLe this can be done with a wireless connection as well. In step 6, power off your router when "Sending Gift..." displays and power it back on in step 8.

If anything seems unclear, please comment and I will try to elaborate. Good luck.

Note: If you're starting a new game and don't want to hunt down any chests, you can purchase some Oculi from the uPlay app if you have any points to spare. You get 3 for 10 points, so you'll have 3 effortless attempts at this achievement.
samomeis there any work around if you are on a wireless network for this?
Posted by samome on 13 Jan at 02:37
Facial La FleurIt's hard to say if there's any definitive solution for wireless networks since routers tend to vary with their functionality. Some may have a button on them to just turn off the wireless receiver and others require going into the router's UI through a web browser to disable wireless broadcasting. Perhaps, if your router is near enough to your console, you can replace step 6 by to manually powering off the router when the "Sending Gift..." text displays? If it's in another room, maybe someone that lives with you could power it off when you say to? Either way, I would like to know if this works for you so I can add that info to my solution. Best of luck.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 13 Jan at 03:11
GREGO McGEEHas anyone checked the 360 version?
Posted by GREGO McGEE on 13 Jan at 04:24
jGuiiLeI confirm that it works on wifi connection. I just turned off my router on step 6 and turned on again after the Oculi was sent
Posted by jGuiiLe on 13 Jan at 04:44
Facial La FleurGREGO McGEE I don't own it so I can't confirm, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. The only thing that may be a concern is unlocking an Online achievement Offline if you fully lose connection to Live. I'd maybe wait for a ruling from TA investigations before risking a potential strike against your account. If I owned the 360 version I'd be willing to jump on that grenade, but I don't.

EDIT: Someone in the forum stated that it DOES work for the XBOX 360. I've inquired with the Investigations team if there will be any consequences for potentially unlocking it offline. Will update this solution accordingly.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 13 Jan at 04:52
Erik SeidelThis is an awesome find and it makes me wonder if this workaround would work for similar achievements in other games as well.
Posted by Erik Seidel on 13 Jan at 08:04
R1KM4NYep this is the one. Worked like a charm, thank you!
Posted by R1KM4N on 13 Jan at 10:13
Adm1ral Awe5omeLet's Get this solution to the top! Thanks a bunch!
Posted by Adm1ral Awe5ome on 13 Jan at 11:26
DeliriousDrewmind if I add this to the 360 solution?
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 13 Jan at 21:32
Facial La FleurI'd personally wait until Investigations rules in favor of this method for the 360 version. Offline achievements aren't really a thing on X1 but there's a very real possibility some people lose connection to Live on the 360 and end up having this technically online achievement marked as earned offline.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 13 Jan at 22:45
w MeK wThankss!!! Muchisimas gracias por encontrarle solucion!
Posted by w MeK w on 14 Jan at 01:30
Facial La FleurDeliriousDrew The discontinued flag has been removed from the 360 version, so looks like it's safe to update your solution if you like.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 14 Jan at 03:07
Pmalone6Just got it to work for me! I had to unplug the router IMMEDIATELY as mentioned in the solution for it to go through. Once I booted up the WiFi, it kicked me back to the home screen asking if I owned the game. Eventually it loaded up again but the achievement didn't pop so I restarted the Xbox and bam!
Posted by Pmalone6 on 14 Jan at 03:37
DeliriousDrewThank Facial La Fleur, I'll add it in.
Posted by DeliriousDrew on 14 Jan at 23:01
Sjanna BananaWorked like a charm, thanks!
Posted by Sjanna Banana on 15 Jan at 15:54
Xtasian 0stixThanks a lot !
Did that yesterday by restarting my router at distance (wifi). Sent the oculi, got ubisoft server error message (because i was still online) and then pressed A again - at that moment the router was actually off.
Message sent to friend, achievement popped when i came back online after router restart.
Posted by Xtasian 0stix on 16 Jan at 10:42
Timmy LoveWorked for me. Thanks for posting this solution.
Posted by Timmy Love on 24 Jan at 02:47
MasterHook99I can't get the achievement to pop after many tries. I have followed the guide exactly 3 times now (using wireless connection) and each time it successfully sends the Oculi and removes it from my total but it never unlocks the acheivement. I have also attempted a few tries by plugging the router back in before I confirm (step 7), and no luck there either. I have did hard resets on the system and waited for 4 days just to see if it was one of the lagging achievements, again no luck. Has anyone had the same issue or maybe knows what I am doing wrong?

Edit: After trying it on my wife's gamertag (who has not played the game before), I was able to unlock the achievement for her without issue. So I deleted all of my save data for my gamertag and started from the beginning. I seen the three rough diamond Oculi from Uplay rewards carried over so I went through the steps of gifting one of them, and after about 20 minutes of playing the game (I was in chapter 2 fighting with some monsters) the acheivement finally popped.
Posted by MasterHook99 on 25 Jan at 14:18
Facial La FleurWeird. Maybe it actually worked on one of your earlier attempts and was just a delayed pop. I guess we'll never really know. It definitely does NOT work when reconnecting before step 7, that's the mistake I was making before I was successful and decided to write this solution to make it less of a frustration for everyone else. Glad you were able to finally get it.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 25 Jan at 16:54
studlybambiThanks so much for this! I missed this achievement by one week and was so upset because this game was so amazing! I’m glad I was able to complete it
Posted by studlybambi on 26 Jan at 04:15
Facial La Fleurtoast
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 26 Jan at 05:31
Darr112Thanks for this.
I had to remote reset my router and just kept spamming confirm whilst it was resetting and eventually went through and showed as sent.
Posted by Darr112 on 30 Jan at 18:16
Marzz11Does this work any longer? Immediately after hitting confirm, it says “ubi servers are not currently available” and doesn’t ever say sending.
Posted by Marzz11 on 23 Feb at 22:10
Delam HadzThe same as @Marzz11
Posted by Delam Hadz on 24 Feb at 07:28
Facial La FleurAre you on a wired or wireless connection? Is your console setup to connect the the wi-fi if your network cable is disconnected? Maybe try pulling the cable juts before hitting confirm? I'll test this tomorrow to ensure it's still working.
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 24 Feb at 09:31
Marzz11I’m wired and unplugging the whole router. I’ve tried it right before and immediately after but it never says sending. I click confirm and then 0.2 sec later it says the server error. Not sure if there’s been an update Or if it’s just me, but I really want this last achievement lol! Thanks for checking!
Posted by Marzz11 on 25 Feb at 08:09
Delam Hadzi tried on cable and wifi , before , after and when press the first time confirm on the Uplay friend list and always the same . Servers unnavailabe
Posted by Delam Hadz on 28 Feb at 11:21
Facial La FleurI tried several times and couldn't get it to work again. The last unlock was February 14th. I wonder what the hell happened since then to stop this from working. I'll make a note in the solution stating this may not work anymore but I'll leave the solution for now in case it starts working again later. I'm sorry, folks. cry
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 28 Feb at 12:34
Marzz11Thanks! Such a bummer that was so recently! cry Hopefully it does come back.
Posted by Marzz11 on 29 Feb at 18:22
pequenyo MissDoent work anymore so massive harrassing to this C****** of M**********
Posted by pequenyo Miss on 02 Mar at 12:35
KiNgScOrPiOn360At the time of the second confirmation, he tells me directly that the uni servers are not available, he does not appear sending, but he directly denies the shipment
Posted by KiNgScOrPiOn360 on 04 Mar at 06:24
A Dreadful ShotDamn, was just about to start this game. Guess that’s what I get for putting it off...
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 10 Mar at 22:56
Facial La FleurHopefully it randomly just starts working again like it randomly stopped. cry
Posted by Facial La Fleur on 10 Mar at 22:58
EarthboundXI wonder what they did to stop this from working? The game was never patched, so it must have been something server side?

I could have gotten this pretty much the first day it was discovered, but I wanted to see how Ubisoft or Microsoft felt about this method first, since it feels pretty exploity as it were. I even asked the Xbox Support Twitter, but they never got back to me. This might be my answer. Hopefully nobody gets in trouble for unlocking it this way.
Posted by EarthboundX on 12 Mar at 12:14
Ginn0rzUgh ffs, I held off on buying this the first time it became unobtainable, you came up with this helpful work-around, I bought it, then the damn thing is unobtainable again.
Posted by Ginn0rz on 12 Mar at 13:21
Honeycut1Here’s hoping this starts working again
Posted by Honeycut1 on 30 Jul at 00:39