Dead Rising 4 Review by Spring Shields

Spring ShieldsSpring Shields184,543
18 Jan 2020
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After falling in love with the Dead Rising IP from the beginning, playing through Dead Rising 4 was an utter disappointment. The game is a pandering, hacked together, repetitive, Christmas-themed mess where the true ending was sectioned off as paid DLC.

The developers were dead set on taking Dead Rising back to it's roots. That turned out to be a flat out stinking lie! None of what made the earlier Dead Rising games good is present in Dead Rising 4: it's not challenging in the slightest, they added regenerating health, so food and drink items are borderline pointless, you can build OP weapons from the start, no psychopath boss fights (this one REALLY irked me!) and the timers on missions and side quests are so lax, that you might as well not even have them.

Overall, I truly wanted to like Dead Rising 4, but after playing through the whole game and even buying the true ending DLC, I simple can't recommend this game.