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Achievement Unlocked!

Reach a certain point in the story

Achievement Unlocked!-0.1
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Punk NinePunk Nine1,551,715
28 Jan 2020
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This one is story related.

On Day 3 or Thursday, September 24th, 2020.

A catgirl (Nekomimi) will show up in the shop and ask for milk. Serve her the Milk Drink.

Milk= Milk/Milk/Milk

Later on she breaks the 4th wall and achievement unlocked. I actually thought is was quite funny how you get this.
maguzzoloShe doesn't actually break the 4th wall, Imho. Of course her saying "achievement unlocked" is a reference to the gaming world (and makes sense, since she's a teen) but she's saying that to our character like "congrats now you have a celebrity in your bar" , not to the gamer.
Posted by maguzzolo on 22 Jun at 06:10
ComesBrotherswell , watch this: I THOUGHT the exact opposite ; fact or opinion or like music / art ; the creator and the rest, you, you, you and everybody, anyone else & me are FREE to feel and THINK about it . So, a 4th wall or not : "achievement unlocked" .
Posted by ComesBrothers on 06 Jul at 08:46