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Punk NinePunk Nine1,551,737
28 Jan 2020
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Now this one is really tough. First you're gonna wanna make a circle of salt around your couch or sitting apparatus. Light 7 candles and safely place them in points of power in your house. I used sandal wood, but I don't think that is a requirement. Next you need to.........OWWWW!

*Gets hit on the head by reality*


sheesh....just trying to have fun..... :(
LifeSuxPlayHALOLoL nice solution haha
Posted by LifeSuxPlayHALO on 31 Jan at 23:30
K4rn4geBest solution on the site EVER !
Posted by K4rn4ge on 04 Feb at 05:15
VirusTk GaMBitWell, the circle of salt finally did it for me. Thanks for adding that. Have been struggling with that one for ages. Double thumbs-up ;-)
Posted by VirusTk GaMBit on 17 Jun at 14:29
Cool Cat LuvvaHasn't unlocked for me, are some achievements glitched?
Posted by Cool Cat Luvva on 17 Jun at 17:45
OzbrithianSame, I've drawn the first Latte art for the preppy elf and should have 2 achievements but so far nothing.
Posted by Ozbrithian on 18 Jun at 02:01
OzbrithianGot it working by exiting the game, this time it asked me for Permission and stuff before I started and my previous save was gone. Achievements work now but a minor bummer that I have to do first night a 2nd time.
Posted by Ozbrithian on 18 Jun at 02:17
Cool Cat LuvvaOzbrithian, where it asked for permission did you say "yes" or "no"? I was thinking that might be something to do with none of my achievements unlocking.
Posted by Cool Cat Luvva on 18 Jun at 15:47
staR eXistenZSame here, when it asked for permission i chose "no" and didn't even get the cheevo for starting the game so it seems you have to consent in order to unlock achievements.
Posted by staR eXistenZ on 19 Jun at 18:18
IceeLadyPunk Nine, I only have 6 candles. Whatever can I do!?!?!

PS - love your humor 👍🤘
Posted by IceeLady on 19 Jun at 23:35
Cool Cat LuvvaSo do we need to grant permission when asked to unlock the achievements??
Posted by Cool Cat Luvva on 24 Jun at 01:43
Cool Cat LuvvaMy mistake, just saw the other guide and you do need to grant permission to gain the achievements.
Posted by Cool Cat Luvva on 24 Jun at 02:26
NICKYG2X3achievments not unlocking for me
Posted by NICKYG2X3 on 24 Jun at 19:45
MCFC Blue NoseNICKYG2X3, you have to agree to the permissions thing or your achievements wont unlock, stupid I know!
Posted by MCFC Blue Nose on 06 Jul at 16:53