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Serve the wrong drink for the first time

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Punk NinePunk Nine1,551,715
28 Jan 2020
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Serve the wrong drink to someone. You'll have plenty of chances to mess up. In the game and in real life. *sigh*

Where was I? Oh, right!

So the first customer you meet wants an ES-PRESS-0.

So serve her any combo flavor except Coffee/Coffee/Coffee. That will make an espresso and you will have messed up on messing up.....and that's just sad.
nicklkThe first customer I tried serving Coffee/Coffee/Milk and she liked that. Then served her green tea/green tea/green tea, and she liked that. The second customer is the picky one.
Posted by nicklk on 18 Jun at 16:21
EMPERORHOKAGEYeah does this only work with certain characters served wrong drink at least twice nothing happened
Posted by EMPERORHOKAGE on 20 Jun at 12:08