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Stop it!

Trash a total of 25 drinks

Stop it!0
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Punk NinePunk Nine1,851,948
28 Jan 2020
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Maybe reflect on why you became a barista because you're obviously not good at it.

Trash 25 drinks in the game. Has to be done on story mode. You can only trash 5 drink before you are forced to serve. So Trash 5 drinks and reload the same day. Repeat 4 more times and congratulations on wasting good coffee.

KandeeRebelJust a note to be careful if reloading game to get this achievement as it ended up not giving me the achievement for getting all achievements. I ended up having to do 5 days and trash 5 drinks a day without reloading to get the coffee and chill achievement
Posted by KandeeRebel on 08 Feb 20 at 23:12
Sean BahamutI had the same experience as KandeeRebel.
For some reason my 25 trashed drinks got me the XBox cheevo, but not the in-game cheevo. So when I finished the game I had to do this again before I could get "Coffee And Chill"
Posted by Sean Bahamut on 10 Oct 20 at 16:51
PopPunkBobRossI had the same problem where I got the achievement for the Xbox but not within the game but nothing I do seems to unlock the Coffee and Chill achievement ):
Posted by PopPunkBobRoss on 14 Oct 20 at 01:59