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Social media fever

Unlock all of the characters social media profile

Social media fever-1.3
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28 Jan 2020 28 Jan 2020
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To get this achievement you need to get all three bars filled up for each character. This requires you to serve them the correct drinks. When you learn a characters name they will appear on your phone. Press X and select Tomodachill to see your progress. You need three blue bars on all 11 characters.

I highly suggest playing ENDLESS MODE and getting all the special drinks first. Check out my guide on Master Brewer
to get all the drink combos. This will take away most of the guess work.

It's pretty simple to follow their request. There's only three that I would pay attention to.

1. Serve Gala the Gala Had drink when he request a secret combo. Especially on Day 11: Tea/milk/ginger

2. Serve Neil Milky Way when he wants you to "Surprise him"Day 8: milk/honey/mint

3. Serve Freya the Bedchamber on Day 11: milk/cinnamon/honey. She WANTS an espresso, but NEEDS a Bedchamber. It's the only time you don't serve what the customer request.
IIYour NanIINot unlocking for me.
Posted by IIYour NanII on 18 Jun at 08:02
PrincessBell88Does not pop with all 3 bars full for all 11 characters. I've read each character entry as they unlocked, all correct drinks made, refuses to pop.
Posted by PrincessBell88 on 18 Jun at 15:58
MrWither334Yeah, hasn’t unlocked for me either. I think this ones broken
Posted by MrWither334 on 18 Jun at 19:39
LubinSame problem...
Posted by Lubin on 19 Jun at 01:16
LukeTheDuke268Just a heads up, this achievement pops at different times for different people. If you do not get it right away, just continue playing the story and it will unlock
Posted by LukeTheDuke268 on 19 Jun at 02:24
PoshayaIt’s not quite broken you guys, just keep playing a little longer it’ll pop I promise
Posted by Poshaya on 19 Jun at 04:52
LubinOk i play... 🙂play House🙂
Posted by Lubin on 19 Jun at 07:19
G0ddL355I'm guessing if I make the wrong one, I'll have to redo certain days?
Posted by G0ddL355 on 19 Jun at 17:50
PiMaC1985I was missing the Milky Way drink, so after I've served it to Neil the achievement unlocked
Posted by PiMaC1985 on 07 Jul at 00:51