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Endless Voyager

Collect 4 Keycards.

Endless Voyager+0.8
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30 Jan 2020 02 May 2020
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Keycards are found on the final level, Risk of Rain. They are dropped randomly from enemies or found in golden containers that look like the caches of xp and gold you open in other levels. I suggest stocking up on 56 Leaf Clovers to increase item drops from Elite mobs.

Update: It has been confirmed that all 4 keycards must be obtained in one run, so you can't collect these over multiple attempts. Thanks LifeOfDaPartay3!
LifeOfDaPartay3Does this achievement mean to collect 4 keycards in one run, or in total over the course of several runs? I only found one the first time I cleared the game.
Posted by LifeOfDaPartay3 on 30 Apr 20 at 04:54
ACExSerpentI'm not sure, as I collected all 4 the first time I made it to the last level. If you find out though, let me know and I'll update my solution. Have you checked the achievement tracker to see if it updated your progress?

Also, to the negative voter(s): please post your superior guide. I'll be waiting :)
Posted by ACExSerpent on 01 May 20 at 19:35
LifeOfDaPartay3Can confirm it has to be all 4 in one run. The second time beating the story, I found 3 keycards (couldn't open the medic bay of the 4 locked rooms). The progress tracker is still at 0%.
Posted by LifeOfDaPartay3 on 02 May 20 at 02:21
ACExSerpentThanks, I'll update the solution now!
Posted by ACExSerpent on 02 May 20 at 03:33
x Tyian xYou don’t need to hold on to all 4 at the same time, feel free to open the rooms as you get the keys. Took me maybe 30 mins farming bosses to get my last key
Posted by x Tyian x on 03 Jan at 01:20